Goodyear Unveils EV-Ready Tyres for Greener Commercial Fleets

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced the release of two new tyre models designed to meet the unique demands of electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles alike. The RangeMax™ RSA® ULT and the RangeMax™ RTD™ ULT tyres are the latest additions to Goodyear's esteemed RangeMax portfolio, offering unparalleled performance in traction, range, and mileage for regional delivery fleets.

Engineered with both innovation and the environment in mind, these all-position tyres stand at the forefront of Goodyear's response to the increasing emphasis on cost-savings, sustainability, and efficiency within the regional delivery sector. The RangeMax RSA ULT and RangeMax RTD ULT are specifically designed to boost range efficiency through their low rolling resistance and extended service life, marking a significant step forward in tyre technology for work vehicles.

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Goodyear | Goodyear's 2024 EV-Ready Commercial Tyres Transform Fleets
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March 5, 2024

Rich Cottrell, senior director of Commercial Marketing at Goodyear North America, highlighted the company's commitment to evolving fleet needs, stating, "As the unique range, durability, and versatility needs of regional pickup and delivery fleets evolve, we're constantly listening to our fleet partners to design superior tyres for every application." Cottrell emphasized the importance of low rolling resistance combined with durable features like premium casings and long-lasting tread compounds in increasing vehicle uptime and protecting fleet investments.

The RangeMax RSA ULT is available in sizes 225/70R19.5 and 245/70R19.5, boasting a 10% improvement in rolling resistance compared to its predecessor, the Goodyear Fuel Max RSA ULT. It integrates Intellimax Technology to reinforce tread stiffness for extended wear, while its Sawtooth Shoulder Groove Design and Advanced Tread Compounds ensure aggressive traction, meeting Mud + Snow and Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) traction ratings.

The Goodyear RangeMax™ RSA® ULT and RangeMax™ RTD™ ULT are the latest tires to join Goodyear’s growing portfolio of “Electric Drive Ready” commercial trucking tires, which also includes the RangeMax™ RSD® EV and the Endurance RSA ULT.

Likewise, the RangeMax RTD ULT, available in the same sizes, leverages a bio-based soybean oil tread compound to reduce reliance on petroleum. Its design promotes a firm grip on the road with a deep open-shoulder tread for reliable traction and longevity. This model also meets the 3PMSF traction rating, providing enhanced traction and acceleration under various weather conditions.

These groundbreaking tyres are part of Goodyear's Total Mobility solution, offering trusted products, a premier service network, and comprehensive tyre management solutions. For further information on Goodyear's innovative commercial tyre offerings, visit

Q&A for Goodyear's New EV-Ready Commercial Tyres

What new products has Goodyear introduced for commercial fleets?
Goodyear has introduced two new tyre models for commercial fleets: the RangeMax™ RSA® ULT and the RangeMax™ RTD™ ULT.

Are the new Goodyear tyres designed exclusively for electric vehicles?
No, the new RangeMax tyres are engineered for both electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional gas- or diesel-powered regional work vehicles.

What are the main benefits of the RangeMax RSA ULT and RangeMax RTD ULT tyres?
The main benefits include enhanced traction, improved range efficiency through low rolling resistance, and long miles to removal, contributing to increased vehicle uptime and fleet investment protection.

How do the new tyres contribute to sustainability goals?
The tyres are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency and a bio-based soybean oil tread compound in the RangeMax RTD ULT to reduce petroleum use.

What unique technologies are incorporated in the RangeMax RSA ULT?
The RangeMax RSA ULT features Intellimax Technology for stiffening the tread and Sawtooth Shoulder Groove Design along with Advanced Tread Compounds for superior traction and durability.

What sizes are the RangeMax RSA ULT and RTD ULT tyres available in?
Both models are available in sizes 225/70R19.5 and 245/70R19.5.

How does the RangeMax RTD ULT tyre ensure a firm grip on the road?
It utilizes a deep open-shoulder tread design to provide traction while delivering long miles to removal.

Where can more information on Goodyear's commercial tyre products be found?
More information can be found at, which offers details on Goodyear's Total Mobility solutions, including their products, service network, and tyre management solutions.

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