Goodyear Partners with Hiboo for Advanced Data Integration in Tire Management

In a technological advancement for the Off-The-Road (OTR) industry, Goodyear has successfully integrated its tire management solutions with a third-party system, marking a milestone in the company's commitment to innovation. This integration, achieved in collaboration with Hiboo, a French data integration platform, offers users a comprehensive view of tire health and vehicle performance, enhancing operational efficiency for OTR fleets.

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November 21, 2023

OTR fleets, similar to their on-road counterparts, face the challenge of improving operational efficiency. Issues like unexpected machine stoppages and improper tire pressure can lead to substantial breakdown costs. Addressing these challenges, Goodyear's integration with Hiboo's platform is a step forward in utilizing data for proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Proactive Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

Goodyear's TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Heavy Duty enables fleets to monitor tire pressure and temperature, identifying potential issues like under-inflation, air leaks, and mechanical problems. This system is part of Goodyear's long-standing commitment to tire technology and innovation, particularly in embracing data integration and connectivity with third-party systems. Such integration allows fleet operators to combine Goodyear's solutions with other platforms, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Recognizing the importance of data integration in fleet management, Goodyear has focused on enhancing its capabilities in this area. The company's efforts to adapt its systems for seamless integration with business partners' requirements have led to a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Goodyear's solutions, suitable for both Original Equipment and aftermarket needs, are designed to integrate effortlessly with a fleet's existing infrastructure, maximizing the potential of tire data.

Seamless Data Sharing with Hiboo

In its collaboration with Hiboo, Goodyear aims to facilitate effective data sharing. Customer data, including geolocation and TPMS events or alerts from Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty, can be directly pushed to Hiboo's platform. This integration provides users with a unified view of tire health and vehicle performance.

The partnership between Goodyear and Hiboo extends beyond mere data sharing. By combining their systems, Goodyear can now send processed tire alert data to the Hiboo platform, enabling real-time warnings for customers. This feature is crucial for fleet managers, allowing them to proactively address tire-related issues, thereby enhancing safety and reducing downtime.

Yves Sinner, Head of Product Management Solutions at Goodyear, expressed satisfaction with the integration, stating, "We are pleased to see that the integration of Goodyear's data with Hiboo's platform provides fleet managers with a holistic and comprehensive overview of their fleet's performance. Simultaneously, customers can still access Goodyear Fleethub and Goodyear Driverhub applications for more detailed insights, ensuring they have all the tools they need for successful fleet management."

Clément Bénard, CEO at Hiboo, highlighted the broader implications of this cooperation, saying, "Cooperation between Goodyear and Hiboo exemplifies the transformational potential of data integration in the transport industry. By leveraging the power of data, fleet managers can make informed decisions, enhance safety, and drive operational efficiency like never before."

This partnership between Goodyear and Hiboo represents a significant step in the evolution of tire management solutions, offering enhanced efficiency and safety for the OTR industry through innovative data integration.

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