Goodyear Continues Partnership with Team De Rooy for 2024 Dakar Rally

Goodyear, the renowned tyre manufacturer, reaffirms its collaboration with Team De Rooy, set to compete in the exhilarating 2024 Dakar Rally. As the official tyre supplier, Goodyear pledges comprehensive support to the Dutch team, furnishing them with high-performance off-road tyres and state-of-the-art tyre management solutions throughout the demanding rally.

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January 5, 2024

Dakar 2024: An Epic Challenge Unfolds

Commencing from January 5 and culminating on January 19, 2024, the Dakar rally will embark from AlUla, traversing the vast terrains of Saudi Arabia before concluding at Yanbu on the Red Sea coast. Spanning 5,000 kilometers across 1 prologue and 12 stages, this 14-day event promises a thrilling spectacle. Notably, 60% of the route encompasses new sections, offering a fresh and challenging experience for all participants.

Team De Rooy's Lineup Geared for Triumph

Team De Rooy enters the 2024 Dakar Rally with three trucks, each poised for victory:

  • #600 Boss Machinery Team De Rooy FPT: Piloted by Janus van Kasteren Jr., navigated by Marcel Snijders, and with Darek Rodewald as the mechanic, this team aims to defend their title.
  • #622 Becx Competition Team De Rooy FPT: Comprising Michiel Becx as the driver, Edwin Kuijpers as navigator, and Wuf van Ginkel as mechanic, winners of the Rallye du Maroc 2023, anticipate another triumph.
  • #618 Ladies Team De Rooy FPT: Making history, Anja van Loon as driver, Floor Maten as navigator, and Marije van Ettekoven as mechanic form the first Dutch women’s team in the Dakar Rally, following their successful collaboration in the Rally du Maroc.

Goodyear Tyres and TPMS: Paving the Path to Success

Acknowledging the pivotal role tyres play in the Dakar challenge, Team De Rooy entrusts Goodyear OFFROAD tyres. Compliant with competition regulations, these tyres offer robustness and superior traction across diverse terrains, including deserts, rocks, and steep inclines.

The integration of Goodyear TPMS into Team De Rooy trucks ensures continuous monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature. This seamless integration empowers the team to dynamically adjust rally strategies based on real-time assessments, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

Goodyear’s Ongoing Commitment to Truck Motorsport

Goodyear’s support for Team De Rooy underscores its enduring commitment to truck motorsport. As the official title sponsor of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC), this collaboration further solidifies Goodyear’s dedication to the thrill of truck racing and advancement in tyre technologies.

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe at Goodyear, expressed anticipation for the Dakar 2024 cooperation, highlighting the critical role played by Goodyear tyres and TPMS in securing Team De Rooy’s victory last year. This year, the focus remains on unwavering support, aiming for exceptional performance at the upcoming Dakar Rally.

As the Dakar Rally unfolds, the world anticipates another thrilling chapter in off-road racing, marked by the enduring partnership between Goodyear and Team De Rooy.

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