Goodyear and ZF Collaborate to Elevate Vehicle Intelligence with Goodyear SightLine Integration into ZF cubiX® Ecosystem

Goodyear and ZF have joined forces to introduce the Goodyear SightLine suite of tire intelligence technologies into the ZF cubiX® ecosystem.

This integration marks a significant leap in vehicle motion control software, enhancing dimensions of vehicle dynamics and paving the way for a more advanced, customisable, and efficient driving experience.

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January 12, 2024

Enhancing Vehicle Dynamics with Goodyear SightLine

The collaboration between Goodyear and ZF brings forth a sophisticated integration of Goodyear SightLine into the ZF cubiX® ecosystem. This incorporation delivers an unprecedented level of tire and road data into the chassis system, promising improved comfort, control, and efficiency for drivers.

Supporting the Era of Software-Defined Vehicles

Martin Fischer, Member of the Board of Management responsible for the ZF Chassis Solution division, emphasises that Goodyear SightLine will deepen the connection to the road and expand the value of cubiX® in the age of software-defined vehicles. This alliance offers customers a range of possibilities to customise and optimise their solutions in both vehicle motion and tire intelligence.

Advanced Safety Features

Extensive research, virtual simulation, and real-world testing by Goodyear and ZF have identified the potential for an integrated solution to enhance vehicle performance and safety. The Goodyear SightLine solution is capable of early detection of partial hydroplaning, reducing the risk and providing recommendations for optimal speed to enhance vehicle control. In cases of heightened hydroplaning severity, the cubiX software utilises tire intelligence data to instruct chassis actuators for corrective measures, stabilising the vehicle.

Optimising Vehicle Responsiveness and Stability

The synergy between Goodyear SightLine and cubiX capabilities offers a range of benefits, including enhanced vehicle responsiveness, more direct and linear steering, improved turn-in response, increased stability, reduced controller workload, and minimised intrusive interventions. This integration showcases the potential of digitising the connection between tires and the road to optimise vehicle performance and safety.

Recognition at CES 2024

The innovative design and engineering features of the integrated cubiX® and Goodyear SightLine solution have earned recognition, being named a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree within the vehicle technology and advanced mobility category.

As the automotive industry continues to embrace the era of software-defined vehicles, this partnership opens up new possibilities for customisation, optimisation, and, most importantly, enhanced safety on the roads.

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