Giti Tyres Shine at the Rallye Breslau with Truck Team Holten

In a thrilling display of endurance and performance, Giti-sponsored Truck Team Holten has redefined the concept of 4×4. Their modified Mercedes 1622 800HP clinched the fourth position in the Rallye Breslau, marking its fourth consecutive year running on a single set of Giti tyres.

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Giti Tyre
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September 13, 2023

Hailing from the Netherlands, Truck Team Holten entered two formidable vehicles in the Cross Country Trucks category. The Mercedes team showcased their prowess with five top-three finishes among ten competitors. However, their Scania 4×4 630 faced an unfortunate early exit due to significant engine damage after a promising start.

Both vehicles were equipped with the Giti GAO897 tyres, sized at 14.00R20. These tyres, designed for Mixed Service, can adapt to a broad spectrum of air pressures, ensuring optimal performance under varying conditions. They can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from a scorching 55˚C to a chilling -40˚C. The GAO897's design boasts robust blocks, wide longitudinal grooves, and extra deep channels, ensuring unparalleled traction and stability. Its reinforced tread compound further enhances its durability, offering advanced anti-cut properties and resistance to abrasion.

Four years on the same tyres for Team Holten

The Rallye Breslau, often dubbed the 'Dakar of Europe', is held annually in Poland. Recognized globally as a premier extreme off-road event, teams grapple with a challenging 1,300km, five-day cross-country rally across diverse and demanding terrains. This year's edition reintroduced the Hannibal Stage, a nocturnal marathon where participants navigate an uncharted, pitch-black wilderness using only a road book. The Mercedes team showcased their mettle, securing a commendable second-place finish.

For enthusiasts eager to experience the adrenaline rush of the Rallye Breslau, comprehensive and concise videos of the event are available here.

Guido Vredenberg, the Scania's first Navigator, praised the tyres' versatility and resilience. "Unlike Formula One, where specific tyres cater to rain or summer, here we rely on a single tyre for diverse terrains and conditions. Finding the perfect combination is challenging, but Giti tyres have proven their mettle. Their performance over eight years, with just one puncture, is testament to their strength and reliability," he remarked.

Echoing Vredenberg's sentiments, Maikel Follon, Giti Tire's Technical Field Engineer and tyre support for Rallye Breslau, emphasized the GAO897's original design intent. "While it was crafted as a robust commercial truck tyre, its exceptional durability makes it apt for off-road truck rallies. The Rallye Breslau's outcomes underscore the meticulous engineering behind Giti tyres, ensuring they excel even in the most challenging scenarios."

Follon further highlighted the global implications of these results. "Such insights are invaluable for our teams worldwide, including our European Research and Development Centre in Hannover, Germany. They play a pivotal role in shaping the future of tyres for commercial vehicles and cars."

In conclusion, Giti-sponsored Truck Team Holten's achievements at the Rallye Breslau underscore the synergy of human skill and engineering excellence. Their success serves as a testament to Giti's commitment to delivering top-tier performance, regardless of the challenge.

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