Galileo Wheel Innovative CupWheel Technology at Agritechnica

Israeli firm Galileo Wheel recently showcased its pioneering CupWheel technology at Agritechnica 2023.

Founded in 2011 by visionaries Alon Hayka and Avishay Novoplanski, Galileo Wheel has remained at the forefront of tyre innovation.

The CupWheel technology, initially known as Mitas PneuTrac, has evolved, culminating in a range of products that challenge conventional pneumatic tyres.

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November 23, 2023

The highlight of Galileo's latest range is the Galileo IrriCup, tailored for mobile irrigation systems. This airless tyre mimics the performance of a Very High Flexion (VF) tyre but without the need for air, a feature that ensures uninterrupted operation across varied terrains. Dr Armin Schon, CEO of Galileo Wheel, emphasises the tyre's ability to navigate obstacles effortlessly, a boon for agricultural efficiency.

Further enhancing its appeal, the IrriCup reduces field rutting due to its expansive footprint, which offers 30% more surface contact than traditional tyres. This feature not only improves traction but also plays a crucial role in soil preservation.

Not all innovations from Galileo Wheel are airless. The AgriCup, a pneumatic tractor tyre, operates at remarkably low air pressures, providing stability and flexibility across both field and road use. This versatility is a testament to Galileo's commitment to multifunctional tyre solutions.

Another notable innovation from Galileo Wheel is the Galileo SkidCup, specifically designed to transform the experience of skid-steer operators. Often used in challenging and harsh environments, skid-steer tyres face issues such as costly downtime, increased treadwear, and a general lack of comfort for the operator. The Galileo SkidCup, emerges as a comprehensive solution to these challenges, enhancing driver comfort, extending machinery lifetime, and ensures zero downtime, significantly improving work efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Galileo SkidCup

The production of these innovative tyres spans two continents, with airless tyres manufactured in India and tractor tyres produced in Israel by Yokohama Off Highway Tires’ Alliance. In the UK and Ireland, Kirkby Tyres exclusively imports and distributes CupWheel tyres.

With its promise of reduced downtime, enhanced terrain adaptability, and improved environmental footprint, CupWheel technology is poised to set new standards in tyre performance and sustainability.

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