DLG Awards Top Marks to Apollo's Groundbreaking Agricultural Tyre for Reduced Soil Pressure

Apollo Tyres has made a significant breakthrough with its Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall tyre, which has been awarded an 'exemplarily' rating by the DLG, a respected independent German testing institute. The tyre has set a new benchmark in soil pressure performance, outperforming multiple competitors in the VF trailer tyre category.

During rigorous field tests, the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall demonstrated a ground pressure 25% lower than that of premium VF competitor tyres and offered the largest contact surface in its class. This performance was even more pronounced when compared to budget VF tyres, where it achieved a 50% better soil pressure result.

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Apollo Tyres
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November 8, 2023

The tests, conducted using a KAWECO 3-axle slurry tanker in Germany, maintained consistent conditions across the board to ensure fairness. The Vredestein tyre's contact area pressure was less than one kg/cm² at 1.0 bar air pressure, a remarkable achievement as it was the only tyre to record a value below 1 out of the 5 different tyres tested.

Furthermore, the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall's track depth was 24% shallower compared to its closest competitor, which translated into significant fuel savings. When pulling a 40-tonne slurry tanker, the tyre enabled up to 3 l/h of fuel savings, equating to a potential saving of up to 4 euros per operational hour in the field.

Guido Boerkamp, Director Off-Highway Tyres Europe at Apollo Tyres, highlighted the dual benefits of cost savings and higher yields for farmers, emphasizing the importance of taking care of valuable soil for sustainable farming practices.

Apollo Tyres is set to showcase the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall and the DLG report at the upcoming Agritechnica event from 12-18 November in Hanover, where they will be located in Hall 20, stand A13.

This development represents a significant step forward in agricultural tyre technology, promising both economic and environmental benefits for the agricultural sector.

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