Continental Unveils ContiConnect Lite: A Leap Forward in Digital Tyre Management

ContiConnect Lite is a groundbreaking app launched by Continental to offer a simplified, yet effective, entrance into digital tyre management. It's designed to work seamlessly with intelligent tyres, including those equipped with the Conti Urban Sensor, allowing users to monitor tyre pressure and temperature data directly through their smartphones. As a free version of the comprehensive digital tyre management solution ContiConnect, this app makes it easier for vehicle owners to access essential tyre performance insights without any cost.

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March 6, 2024

How does ContiConnect Lite benefit drivers and fleet managers?

This innovative app serves as a bridge to professional tyre management, especially benefiting smaller fleets that utilise intelligent tyres or Gen2 sensors. With ContiConnect Lite, there's no need for additional hardware; users simply connect their vehicles via Bluetooth after a straightforward self-registration process. The app enables real-time monitoring of tyre conditions, sending instant push notifications when it detects significant changes in tyre pressure or temperature. This immediacy allows for prompt action, fostering predictive maintenance, reducing operational costs, saving energy, and lowering emissions.

Can ContiConnect Lite be used for all types of vehicles?

Initially tailored for the Conti Urban tyre family, ContiConnect Lite's versatility extends to a wider range of applications. It is also available for agricultural tyres, earthmoving tyres, and tyres used in port operations, showcasing Continental's commitment to innovation across various sectors.

What makes the Conti Urban tyre family special?

Continental has equipped the entire Conti Urban tyre family with the latest generation of tyre sensors since August 2023, making it the first to offer a complete lineup of tyres integrated with sensor technology. This integration is pivotal for smart tyre functionality, enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of municipal and bus company operations amidst the mobility and energy transition.

How does digital tyre management contribute to sustainability?

Digital tyre management systems like ContiConnect Lite are instrumental in achieving operational reliability, extending tyre life, and optimising vehicle capacity utilisation. These benefits not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also align with Continental's approach towards achieving the Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC). Furthermore, the use of tyre sensors lays a foundation for future advancements in remote fleet monitoring and predictive maintenance, marking a significant step towards sustainable fleet operations.

Continental is equipping the entire Conti Urban tire family with latest-generation tire sensors ex-factory.

What are the tangible benefits of using ContiConnect and sensor technology?

According to Clarisa Doval, Global Head of Digital Solutions at Continental Tyres, leveraging ContiConnect and the underlying sensor technology can lead to a 30% reduction in tyre punctures, a 2% savings in fuel consumption, and a 10% increase in tyre lifespan. These metrics underscore the tangible efficiency and economic benefits that Continental's digital innovations bring to fleet management and vehicle operation.

Continental's launch of ContiConnect Lite underscores its dedication to leveraging technology for enhanced tyre management and sustainable vehicle operations.

By integrating sensor technology with intelligent tyre solutions, Continental not only propels the automotive industry forward but also provides practical, cost-effective tools for fleets of all sizes to optimise performance and embrace digital transformation.

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