Continental Secures Preferred Supplier Status with Maritime Transport for Specialty Tyres

Continental has been named the preferred supplier for Maritime Transport, the UK's foremost provider of integrated, eco-friendly road and rail freight logistics. This partnership is underscored by Continental's comprehensive, client-focused strategy for its specialty tyre portfolio, facilitated through its strategic service and distribution partner, T&C Site Services.

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March 28, 2024

Maritime Transport, celebrated for its extensive network of rail freight terminals across the UK, including the soon-to-be-opened Northampton Gateway, demands the highest standards from its suppliers to maintain its specialist operations. The synergy between Continental and Maritime Transport is built on a foundation of mutual trust, high-quality products, and services that stand out from the competition.

“Value and efficiency are critical to the success of our business. The directors of the company trust me to find the most cost-effective solutions to our needs. That doesn’t automatically mean the cheapest option – it’s about the overall return on investment, being the right fit for our requirements and the value-added benefits.".

Tom Glenn, National Plant Manager at Maritime Transport

The decision to select Continental as the preferred tyre fitment came after customer tests demonstrated superior performance and lower service costs of Continental's radial and v-ply tyres compared to those of the previous supplier. Additionally, the implementation of the ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has yielded remarkable results, significantly reducing tyre failure rates and service costs over a year-long period.

"Over the course of the year, it was a significant saving, and this was the success I needed to gain approval for a full-fleet install. ".

Tom Glenn, National Plant Manager at Maritime Transport

Trevor Adams, Managing Director at T&C Site Services, and Mike Leedham, OTR Sales Manager for Continental, both praised the collaborative effort. Their shared commitment to innovation, knowledge exchange, and customer service excellence has not only enhanced Maritime Transport's fleet utilization but also cemented a model for successful industry partnerships.

As Maritime Transport continues to lead in low-carbon logistics solutions, its alliance with Continental and T&C Site Services is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for the future of freight transport.

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