Continental Offers Fleets New Entry-Level Solution For Digital Tire Management

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December 20, 2023

Continental, has launched a new, entry-level solution for digital tire management, aimed at enhancing fleet efficiency and safety. This innovative approach involves a valve cap sensor, compatible with commercial vehicle tires from all manufacturers, which simplifies the adoption of Continental’s ContiConnect digital tire management system.

Ease of Installation and UseThe valve cap sensor, designed to be attached directly to the tire valve of buses, trucks, or trailers, offers real-time tire pressure monitoring. This feature ensures optimal tire conditions, leading to improved fuel efficiency and extended tire life. The sensor's compatibility with all major tire brands and its user-friendly design, which includes a QR code for easy tire position identification, make it a versatile and practical solution for fleet operators.

With the valve cap sensor, fleets can access the ContiConnect digital tire management system quickly and easily.

Data Transmission and AccessData from the sensor can be transmitted in two ways: through a yard reader station or via a live version with a telematics unit. The yard reader station, installed at key points within a fleet’s depot, collects data as vehicles pass by. The live version, involving a receiver unit in the vehicle, provides real-time data transmission. All collected data is accessible through the ContiConnect On-Site app or the web portal, ensuring fleet operators are promptly alerted to issues like pressure loss.

Impact on Fleet OperationsClarisa Doval, Head of Digital Solutions at Continental Tires, emphasizes the benefits of the new solution: "This system not only reduces downtime due to its ease of installation but also enables fleet operators to optimize maintenance intervals and extend operating times of their vehicles.” The system is seen as a step towards achieving Continental's "Lowest Overall Driving Costs" concept.

Broader Implications for Fleet ManagementContinental’s new offering is particularly beneficial for both small and large fleets. Quick installation means minimal disruption, while the advanced tire monitoring contributes to greater vehicle efficiency and reduced operating costs. Notably, tires, although a small part of investment costs, can significantly impact overall operating expenses.

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