Bridgestone Empowers Diverse Talent on the Road to Paris 2024 with Global Athlete Ambassador Programme

Bridgestone Corporation has confirmed its partnership with a diverse group of athletes in preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. This initiative, part of its role as a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting individuals of varying abilities in achieving their best performance. The effort aligns with Bridgestone's values of empowering people and fostering inclusivity.

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April 12, 2024

The programme includes 40 athletes from nine countries, covering more than 20 sports. Among this group are 20 previous Olympic and Paralympic medalists with a total of 46 medals between them. Notable ambassadors include Amandine Buchard and Mandy François-Elie from France, Malaika Mihambo from Germany, and Adam Peaty and Charlotte Worthington from the United Kingdom, to name a few.

Thierry Jupsin, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Bridgestone Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), spoke of the company's pride in collaborating with these athletes. He highlighted the importance of supporting them as they prepare for the upcoming Games and recognized their contributions both in their sports and in broader societal contexts. This initiative reflects Bridgestone's dedication to enabling individuals to excel, regardless of their background or ability.

Athletes were chosen for the ambassador programme based on shared values with the Bridgestone brand. Their stories and achievements will be highlighted through marketing efforts, events, and community activities as the Games approach, providing them with a platform to inspire others.

In addition to public recognition, these athletes will receive financial backing and access to Bridgestone’s products and services, offering substantial support on their journey to Paris 2024. The programme notably includes 20 Paralympic athletes, underlining Bridgestone’s commitment to the Paralympic Movement. This commitment is further evidenced by specialized teams in the United States and Thailand, focused on adaptive athletes.

Bridgestone is leveraging its expertise in tire and rubber technology to enhance adaptive sports equipment, working alongside engineers and athletes in both the United States and Japan. This collaborative effort has led to innovative uses of tire rubber, improving equipment such as gloves, wheelchair hand rims, and prosthetic running blades. These advancements not only demonstrate Bridgestone's technical capabilities but also its dedication to improving accessibility and performance in sports for athletes with disabilities.

This initiative is aligned with Bridgestone's E8 Commitment, which includes values such as "Emotion" and "Empowerment". Through its support for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Team Bridgestone athlete ambassadors, the company is contributing to a more inclusive society and highlighting the importance of supporting all athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

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