BMW's Latest 5 Series: A Perfect Blend of Luxury and Performance, Now with 7 Approved Tyre Brands

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October 25, 2023

BMW has officially given the green light to seven tyre brands for its latest 5 Series, the G60/G61/G68 model, as production kicks off and the first deliveries are just around the corner.

The UK-spec M Sport models of this eighth-generation BMW executive saloon come with 19-inch light alloy wheels as standard, while the M Sport Pro models are upgraded to 20-inch light alloy wheels, enhancing the vehicle's sporty aesthetic.

For those looking to customize their ride, options for all versions include 20-inch and 21-inch light alloy wheels. The BMW list of approved rims and tyres for the G60 also accommodates an 18-inch fitment, ensuring a perfect tyre match for every driver's needs.

A standout feature of the BMW 5 Series is its digital tyre condition monitoring system. This state-of-the-art system leverages artificial intelligence in the BMW backend to detect tyre issues promptly, alerting the driver of any pressure loss via the My BMW app and, depending on the market, also in the vehicle. The system even provides actionable recommendations and can predict the remaining tyre life until the recommended minimum tread depth is reached.

Approved Tyres for the BMW 5 Series:

  • 21-inch tyres: Continental and Pirelli supply tyres for cars wearing the range-topping, optional 21-inch rim. The BMW 5 Series is delivered with the Continental EcoContact 6 Q or Pirelli P Zero in various front/rear combinations.
  • 20-inch tyres: Vehicles equipped with 20-inch rims ride on Continental, Michelin, or Pirelli tyres. Options include the Continental EcoContact 6 Q, Michelin e.Primacy, and Pirelli P Zero, with winter tyre options also available.
  • 19-inch tyres: Lower-spec models arrive with 19-inch rims as standard, with Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, and Pirelli as original equipment tyre suppliers. Various options are available for all-season and winter tyres.
  • 18-inch tyres: BMW has also approved 18-inch fitments for the new model, with summer and winter fitment options available from Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Nexen, and Pirelli.

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