BKT Tires: The Sustainable Choice for Modern Farming

In the picturesque landscapes of Vendée, in the south of the Pays de la Loire region, lies the L'Orée des Bois farm. Owned by the young and passionate French farmer, Adrien Lorieu, this farm stands as a testament to sustainable livestock farming. But what makes Adrien's approach unique? It's his unwavering commitment to animal welfare, balanced land exploitation, and the invaluable support from BKT tires.

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BKT Tires
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September 12, 2023

A Farming Model Rooted in Sustainability

Adrien Lorieu's journey into sustainable farming is not just a profession but an exciting life project. At the heart of his farming model is the well-being of the animals he nurtures and the respect for the crops he grows. Unlike many industrial farms, L'Orée des Bois is a rare gem where animals are raised naturally, without additives. Pigs enjoy 50 square meters of free space, poultry roam the fields, and cows bask outdoors.

The farm's commitment to sustainability doesn't end with animal welfare. They employ non-till farming methods, ensuring no soil tillage deeper than 40 cm. This approach preserves the soil's organic structure and fertility, ensuring a healthy agro-ecosystem.

BKT Tires: A Partner in Sustainable Farming

For the past six years, Adrien has chosen BKT tires for their agricultural vehicles, a decision rooted in the tyre's exceptional features tailored for modern farming. As Adrien puts it, "As machinery is getting heavier, we need tyres that help us not to ruin the land." BKT tyres, known for their special flotation properties, offer excellent traction, making them ideal for the heavy loads that the farm deals with daily.

The farm's new tractor will soon be equipped with BKT's AGRIMAX V-FLECTO and AGRIMAX FORCE tyres. These tyres are designed to carry heavy loads at lower inflation pressures, reducing soil compaction and ensuring efficient farming. Their existing trailers have been fitted with RIDEMAX FL 693 M, perfect for frequent road travels.

BKT: More Than Just tyres

BKT's involvement with L'Orée des Bois is more than a business partnership. It's a shared vision of sustainable farming. BKT, a leader in the Off-Highway tyre industry, has always prioritized customer benefits. Their high-performance products support hard-working farmers like Adrien, turning their efforts into life projects that benefit the entire community.

In conclusion, sustainable farming is more than a trend; it's a necessity. And with companies like BKT supporting farmers with the right technology, the future of farming looks promising. Adrien Lorieu's L'Orée des Bois farm is a shining example of how simplicity, faith in nature, and the right partners can lead to a sustainable and fruitful farming model.

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