BKT Global Trends OTR: Net Zero/Low Carbon Emissions

BKT's digital talk show, Global Trends OTR has just aired its final episode of the season, titled "Net Zero/Low Carbon Emissions,”.

Since its launch earlier this year, the talk show has garnered significant interest, with the first three episodes covering technology, automation and robotics, sustainability, and alternative energy.

In the final episode, the spotlight is on decarbonisation and the pursuit of Net Zero goals in the mining sector. This subject has become one of the most widely discussed topics globally, driving the emergence of new initiatives and advanced technology solutions.

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June 21, 2023

Prominent guests featured in this episode include Thomas Koch Blank, Senior Principal of the Climate Aligned Industries program at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI); Alexander Allen, Director of Mining at Nth Cycle; and Bruno Santos, BKT's Field Engineer for the OTR sector in Southwest Europe.

Thomas Koch Blank addresses the crucial question of why decarbonising the mining industry is so important. With the growing global economy and increased demand for materials and infrastructure, particularly in developing economies, sustainable solutions are necessary. According to Blank, recycling offers the most cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption in the mining sector. By recycling materials, the energy-intensive processes associated with raw material transformation can be avoided, leading to a significant reduction in emissions.

Blank also discusses existing technological solutions such as electrification, which eliminates or minimises carbon use in mining operations. Although challenges remain for mines in remote locations or lacking suitable equipment for direct electrification, significant progress has been made in electrifying ventilation and transportation systems in large underground mines. Blank also highlights the

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