ASCENSO Unveils New VF Tyre Series for Enhanced Agricultural Machinery Performance

ASCENSO has announced the launch of its latest VDR 2000 series, introducing ten new tyre sizes this month. The VF (Very High Flexion) tyres are designed to support high-performance tractors, self-propelled machines, and harvesters.

These tyres allow for operation at 40% lower air pressure compared to standard tyres, accommodating cyclical load fluctuations (CFO) effectively.

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May 2, 2024

The new range of VF tyres is set to broaden, with upcoming additions including flotation tyres and various other tractor tyre sizes. This expansion aims to solidify ASCENSO's presence in the market.

ASCENSO VDR 2000 series.

The newly introduced sizes in the VDR 2000 series include:

  • VF600/65R28 NRO
  • VF600/65R28 CFO
  • VF600/60R30 NRO
  • VF600/70R30 NRO
  • VF650/65R38 NRO
  • VF710/60R38 NRO
  • VF800/70R38 NRO
  • VF800/70R38 CFO
  • VF650/65R42 NRO
  • VF710/60R42 NRO

These additions are expected to enhance the efficiency and performance of agricultural machinery, offering farmers more robust and adaptable tyre options for various agricultural tasks.


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