ABN Sign New ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Deal with Prometeon for Fleet Tyre Management

ABN, a division of AB Agri, has signed a new 'pay-as-you-go' deal with premium tyre supplier Prometeon, covering ABN's entire fleet of 117 trucks and 113 trailers. This mixed fleet includes highly specialised agricultural bulk blowing trailers, rigid vehicles, and silo tankers that are used to deliver pig and poultry compound feed to farms across the UK.

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April 24, 2023

ABN manufactures high-quality compound animal feed in its 11 feed mills across the UK. The feed is then transported directly to on-farm silos, a job that requires tires with a tread pattern that will run efficiently and wear well on unpredictable country 'A' roads and off-road farm tracks.

Under the new contract, Prometeon is supplying steer axle tires from its high-performance Pirelli Triathlon range, along with the Prometec TG01 remould product for the drive axle tires. The trailers within ABN's fleet are using Prometeon's G02 tire, part of the new Series02 range of Pirelli-branded tires, ideal for the cost-effective tire management of the fleet.

ABN was confident that Prometeon would be a good fit, following the existing relationship Prometeon has with ABN's sister company, Frontier Agriculture, the UK's leading crop production company.

"We renew our trucks every five years, and Prometeon's tire service with Pirelli-branded tires is a vital part of our fleet management,"

Mark Hope, Transport Services Contract Manager at ABN.

ABN's fleet consists of Scania, Volvo, DAF, MAN, and Mercedes trucks with bulk blowing trailers adapted to their exact requirements, supplied from the TVS Group in Wisbech and Muldoon Transport in Northern Ireland, with a small fleet of specialist Silo Tanker trailers from Feldbinder. These vehicles clock up around 210,000 kilometres a week.

Prometeon's "PROManagement" online tire solution has also impressed ABN. "The team at Prometeon is proactively helping us improve tire management on our entire fleet based on economics and use. We have never had this from previous suppliers, and I can definitely see the benefits of this tailored tire service, which will help me to manage a complex fleet of specialist vehicles," says Hope.

Prometeon National Fleet Manager Wayne Bell is delighted that ABN has chosen Prometeon to supply specialist tires for their fleet. "It has been a pleasure to set up this tailored service, and I'm looking forward to working with Mark to ensure an efficient and smooth-running tire management service for this specialised agricultural fleet.”

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