Drivesafe tyre sealant heavy duty tyre sealant, manufactured in UK tyre puncture sealant designed to cover OTR tyre, turf tyres, commercial tyre, plant tyres, agricultural tyres loader tyres & car tyres.

Drivesafe Tyre Sealant UK manufacturer of a tyre safety sealant designed to cover a wide range of applications offering tyre puncture repair in on-road highway vehicles and all aspects of off-road plant & equipment where they often operate in harsh and challenging working environments where tyres can be subject to damage resulting in costly equipment downtime.

At DrivesafeTyre.com Ltd, we have an extensive tyre background in all sectors of industry, Drivesafe tyre sealant was developed back in the early 1990s after extensive testing in response to the ever-increasing demands of vehicle operators for a reliable and effective product capable of puncture prevention and blowouts in on-road and off-road commercial applications, highway applications and off-road plant and equipment. After many years of research and development within the working environment in various sectors of industry.

Drivesafe developed a unique gel-based product of its kind which offers a cost-effective solution to the ongoing problem with tyre related issues.

Drivesafe tyre sealant differs from other products available on the market, these are most often viscous solutions with no substance or strength within the travelling solution, if you have to stir or shake the sealant then separation has occurred and will do so within the tyre resulting in poor sealing capacity as well as uneven weight distribution leading to wheel balance issues. Drivesafe tyre sealant has a 3-year shelf life from the date of purchase, no need to shake or stir due to the unique chemical composition of our water-based gel.

Drivesafe tyre sealant has a product range for all sectors of industry which helps to eliminate costly vehicle and equipment downtime due to tyre related problems eliminating punctures and blowouts and has been proven in various working environments to reduce the overall tyre expenditure and extend tyre service life.

Over the years, our product has been rigorously tested in a wide range of challenging working environments from the extreme heat of the deserts to the ice cold conditions of the ice roads with exceptional results.

Suitable for use in..:

  • Car Tyres Van, Trailer & Caravan Tyres
  • OTR Tyres
  • Agricultural Tyres
  • Industrial Tyres
  • Plant Tyres
  • Commercial Tyres
  • Turf Tyres
  • Heavy Material handling Tyres

Drivesafe tyre sealant is a water-soluble environmentally friendly gel product and can be washed out of the tyre with just water, no special equipment required for handling tyres containing the gel.