Did you know that it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at a landfill site since 2006?
If you have used tyres to remove we can help.

We are a leading ISO 14001 certified tyre recycling and casing sorting business located in Burntwood, Staffordshire, UK. Operating since 1980, we have established a dedicated team with significant experience in tyre collection, sorting and processing.

Any scrap tyres we process may be remoulded, used for energy or otherwise recycled –
nothing goes to waste.

They may go through industrial sized shredders which allows for any metal to be separated out and are sent on to local smelters, or we use them to make PAS 108 tyre bales.

We also supply a chipped product which goes into civil engineering projects as a replacement for aggregate. It can be transported more easily, is kinder to the environment and is less costly than other drainage solutions.

Get in touch – we collect all over the UK…