Technical Requirements

There are five technical requirements your site must satisfy to qualify for inclusion on Tyre News Reader.

1. Employ distinct and unique URLs for every article

Make sure each article you publish has a distinct, or unique, URL.

We recommend you insert the date or a unique number into the URL. Ideally, create a folder for each day and number the article pages within this folder sequentially. e.g.

2. Employ distinct and unique headlines for every article

Make sure each article you publish has a unique headline.

3. Include a URL for an og:image or twitter:image with every article

We will display these images with your article headlines.
The filetype should be either jpeg, png or webp. The recommended minimum width for these images is 480px. The recommended minimum height is 240px. Larger images will look better on higher resolution devices.

Examples of the required meta tags would be:

<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta name="twitter:image" content="" />

4. List your articles in an RSS feed, Atom feed, or dedicated headlines webpage

To reduce the load on your server and ensure we are continuously informed of the articles you publish in a timely manner, we require that you provide us with the address of a dedicated headline page for us to scan. This can be an RSS feed, an Atom feed, or a simple HTML page containing just headlines linking to articles.

If you don't already have an RSS or Atom feed, please use the following steps to set up a dedicated headline page for us to scan:

  1. Create a dedicated headline web page for our spider to visit, e.g.
  2. Place on this page the headline-hyperlinks for all articles published, but ensure that the page references at least every article published within the last 24 hours but does not reference any article that is more than sixty days old.
  3. Make sure the hyperlink text is exactly the headline text. This is the text we will display on
  4. Make sure the hyperlink URL links to precisely the web page containing the article in question.
  5. Don't place any other links on this page as we instruct our software to harvest everything and this would cause erroneous headlines to appear on our website
  6. As this page will only be scanned by our spider and not viewed by the public, please remember not to include any graphics or other design elements. This would only increase the load on your servers and ours.


We aim to scan your feed site twice daily, however there will be variations in this frequency due to the performance of the internet and the sites we scan, so this is not a guarantee. Thereafter, our automated processes will analyse each new article found, and determine in which of our website topics that article would be most appropriate (though please do not expect to see all your articles appear in any particular website topic).

In the event that our systems are experiencing difficulties in analysing your articles please contact us -