Zeta Raise the Bar in Electric Vehicle Tyre Technology with the Artoria EV

Shanghai-based SD-International, a renowned tyre designer and manufacturer, has taken a giant leap forward in meeting the surging demand for electric vehicle (EV) tyres with their latest groundbreaking innovation, the Zeta Artoria EV tyre.

This remarkable creation is set to redefine the driving experience for EV owners, offering cutting-edge features and advanced technology that raise the bar in the industry.

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August 2, 2023

Silent Pattern Design for Ultimate Driving Comfort

At the heart of the Zeta Artoria EV tyre's innovation lies the silent pattern design, a game-changer in the quest for a quieter driving experience. Through meticulous computer modelling, the tyre tread pattern has been optimised with three tiers of varying pitch sequences. This results in a significant reduction in road noise, greatly enhancing the comfort of driving an electric vehicle. Gone are the days of enduring loud road noises; with the Artoria EV tyre, a smooth and peaceful ride is guaranteed.

Enhanced Grip and Efficiency

One of the key challenges faced in EV tyre design is achieving optimal grip levels and minimising rolling resistance. SD-International has conquered this challenge with the ingenious incorporation of a high-rigid pattern block at the centre of the tread. This unique feature greatly reduces rolling resistance, resulting in improved energy efficiency during driving. As a result, electric vehicles equipped with the Zeta Artoria tyres boast better endurance mileage performance, making it a game-changing choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

Unmatched Traction and Durability

To further optimize braking and acceleration capabilities, the Zeta Artoria EV tyre employs a thin blade cutter groove and a 3D corner cutting design. These strategic additions not only enhance traction on various road surfaces but also contribute to improved heat dissipation and overall tyre durability. EV owners can now confidently navigate challenging road conditions, knowing their tyres are engineered to handle the demands of modern electric vehicles.

A Tyre Built to Handle Heavyweights

Electric vehicles are known for their weightier builds, and SD-International took this into account when designing the Artoria EV tyre. Through the integration of stronger materials, the tyre efficiently manages the additional weight, ensuring both safety and performance are never compromised. Furthermore, the five-frequency pattern block computer-optimised design, combined with two pitch arrangements, delivers a comfortable pattern noise design, reducing pattern noise and enhancing driving comfort for EV owners.

Optimised Comfort and Control

Comfort and control are paramount when it comes to driving, regardless of the weather or road conditions. SD-International's forward-thinking approach is evident in the perfected structural design of the Zeta Artoria EV tyre. By incorporating a special thickening of the tyre lining to absorb vibration and employing high lateral stiffness and strong positive torque design, drivers experience unparalleled comfort and control on every journey.

A Promising Future for EV Tyres

With its impressive array of features and cutting-edge technology, the Zeta Artoria EV tyre has already made a significant impact on the EV market. Frank Xu, the Purchasing Director at SD-International, affirmed that their intensive research and design efforts have culminated in a groundbreaking product. The Artoria EV tyre is already making waves as it becomes the tyre of choice for Tesla vehicles in the OE market including 235/45R18 (Tesla model 3), 235/40R19 (Tesla model 3) and 255/45R19 (Tesla model Y).

It will be available in six popular sizes for 2023, ensuring that more EV owners can experience the groundbreaking technology firsthand.

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