ZC Rubber and Westlake Unveil Game-Changing Truck Tyres in Brazil

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ZC Rubber
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October 11, 2023

ZC Rubber and Westlake, recently showcased their latest innovations in truck tyre technology at a customer event in Brazil. The spotlight was on the Westlake WSA2 & WTR2 truck tyres, with the latter garnering significant attention for its advanced features.

The WTR2, designed specifically as a trailer tyre for regional applications, promises not only improved fuel economy but also enhanced driving comfort. And it doesn't stop there; the tyre ensures that there's no compromise on mileage, making it a top choice for truckers and fleet managers alike.

One of the standout features of the WTR2 is its significantly reduced rolling resistance. ZC Rubber attributes this achievement to several factors, including upgraded compounding technology, superior casing material, an optimised tyre structure, and a refined manufacturing process.

Further elevating its performance, the WTR2 employs an innovative rubber mixing technology. This technology ensures an efficient distribution of silica and super silane in the tread compound, leading to a marked reduction in rolling resistance. Such advancements have earned the WTR2 a Level A rating for fuel efficiency on the EU tyre label, a testament to its superior performance.

But the innovations don't end with fuel efficiency. The WTR2 also incorporates belt wrap technology, ensuring exceptional durability and stability, even in the most intensive driving conditions. This makes the tyre not only fuel-efficient but also reliable and safe for long-haul journeys.

In a statement, ZC Rubber expressed their appreciation for the event attendees, saying, "Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us for this event!"

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