Yokohama Rubber Joins Global Data Service Organisation (GDSO)

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Yokohama Rubber
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February 20, 2024

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. has proudly announced its full membership in the Global Data Service Organisation for Tyres and Automotive Components (GDSO).

The GDSO is an international non-profit association committed to promoting standardisation and accessibility of data pertaining to tyres. As a newly-inducted member, Yokohama Rubber will align with industry standards that advocate for the effective management of individual tyre identification.

The primary objective of GDSO is to facilitate seamless access and efficient utilisation of tyre data for manufacturers and organisations across the tyre value chain. GDSO aims to establish worldwide agreements on standardising tyre-related data, defining solutions for data access, developing online solutions, and establishing a Web-based service for streamlined data accessibility. Already having developed a platform for tyre data sharing, GDSO is actively working on creating a service to collect vital information throughout a tyre's life cycle.

Yokohama Rubber is set to actively participate in GDSO activities, contributing to the construction of a robust platform for utilising diverse tyre-related data. The company is committed to complying with tyre industry standards by ensuring access to accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data through its tyre data management platform and by developing and maintaining necessary applications for data access.

The utilisation of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a key aspect of this collaboration. RFID is a wireless communication technology using radio waves to read and write data on tags embedded in a product without physical contact. When applied to tyres, RFID facilitates tyre identification management, ensuring traceability and enhancing safety. Yokohama Rubber has successfully completed the technical development of RFID-equipped tyres and plans to explore further enhancements based on customer needs.

This strategic alliance with GDSO positions Yokohama Rubber at the forefront of tyre data standardisation and access, contributing to improved safety, efficiency, and overall performance in the tyre industry.

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