Yokohama Rubber Introduces “E+” Mark for Electrified Truck and Bus Tyres

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., has announced the introduction of its proprietary “E+” mark on tyres designed for trucks and buses, marking a significant step towards enhancing the global appeal of its tyres for electrified vehicles.

This initiative follows the successful application of the “E+” mark on YOKOHAMA passenger car tyres in the latter half of 2023, aimed at showcasing the suitability of YOKOHAMA tyres for electrified vehicles.

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February 2, 2024

Specialised Features for Electrified Vehicles

The “E+” mark is awarded to tyres that incorporate technologies tailored to meet the distinct demands of electrified vehicles. These tyres are engineered to handle the increased load from heavy electric batteries and the high torque output of electric motors. Additionally, they offer a quieter ride, essential for the inherently silent operation of electric vehicles (EVs), and contribute to more efficient energy use and extended driving range.

The distinctive “E+” mark, visible on the tyre sidewall, also features prominently in tyre catalogues and websites, simplifying the tyre selection process for customers.

Launching Enhanced Tyres for Electrified Buses

The initial rollout includes tyres for buses — the 507U in Japan and the 120U in Europe — targeting the burgeoning market for EV buses. The 507U tyre is designed to offer increased durability and wear resistance, particularly for low-floor buses, and is suitable for retreading, enhancing its appeal for Japanese EV buses. On the other hand, the 120U tyre caters to the specific needs of EV buses in Europe, meeting the rigorous standards of Spain's leading transport company, which has committed to adopting electrified vehicles.

Expanding the “E+” Range

Yokohama Rubber's expansion of the “E+” mark to truck and bus tyres is part of a broader strategy to develop tyres that meet the requirements of electrified vehicles, both for original equipment and aftermarket applications. Following the introduction of the ADVAN Sport EV and ADVAN dB V553 tyres for passenger cars, this move underscores Yokohama's commitment to advancing tyre technology for the electric vehicle sector.

Commitment to Electrification

As demand for electrified vehicle-compatible tyres grows, Yokohama Rubber is intensifying its efforts to develop and offer products that meet this demand. The company aims to continue expanding its “E+” marked tyre range, reinforcing its dedication to supporting the transition to electric mobility and highlighting the suitability of its tyres for this emerging market.


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