Yokohama Off Highway Tires Hosts Product Training at Kevin Burke Tyres

Yokohama Off Highway Tires recently conducted a comprehensive product training session at Kevin Burke Tyres (KBT) in Athenry, marking a significant step forward in their ongoing partnership.

This session, aimed at AGCO Corporation dealers, underscores the commitment of both Yokohama and KBT to excellence and education in the tyre industry.

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Yokohama OHT
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February 16, 2024

Strengthening Partnerships Through Education

Kevin Burke Tyres, a dedicated distribution partner for the Alliance brand in Ireland, hosted this enlightening session to bolster the knowledge base of AGCO's dealer network, which includes esteemed Massey Ferguson and Fendt tractor dealers.

The training was specifically requested by Kevin Burke, reflecting his dedication to providing value-added services to his customers and partners.

A Deep Dive into Tyre Technology

The session covered a wide array of topics crucial for the agricultural sector, including an in-depth understanding of the Alliance and Yokohama brands, and their innovative tractor tyre program. Special attention was given to radial VF (Very High Flexion) and IF (Increased Flexion) tyres, which are designed to support heavier loads without increasing tyre pressure, thus reducing soil compaction and improving crop yields. Additionally, the training provided insights into the Agri Star II and flotation transport tyres, highlighting their significance in enhancing agricultural productivity and efficiency.

Hands-On Learning Experience

One of the highlights of the training was the hands-on learning approach, allowing participants to physically interact with the tyres. This tactile experience was aimed at enriching the learning process, making it easier for dealers to understand the features and benefits of the products they are selling. Yokohama Off Highway Tires believes in the power of touch to convey the quality and technology embedded in their tyres, making this session not just informative but also engaging.

Expanding Knowledge and Networks

Both Yokohama Off Highway Tires and Kevin Burke Tyres have voiced their excitement for future training opportunities, warmly inviting those interested to engage and deepen their understanding of the Alliance portfolio.


Kevin Burke Tyres (KBT) commemorates its first successful year as a wholesale partner for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, Alliance tyre portfolio in Ireland.

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