Yokohama-ATG Expands Agriflex+ 372 Tyre Range, Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency and Sustainability

Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG) has expanded its renowned Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tyre range. With the introduction of 15 new sizes, the collection now boasts a comprehensive array of 50 dimensions, catering to an expansive market need.

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May 1, 2024

The standout addition includes the VF900/65R46, amongst others, marking the Agriflex+ 372 as the sole steel-belted VF (very increased flexion) tyre in the current market. This innovation is poised to revolutionise farming practices by addressing both productivity and environmental concerns.

Technological Leverage in Modern Farming

The agricultural sector is witnessing a transformation as farmers seek advanced solutions to enhance productivity and profitability. The Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tyres represent a pivotal advancement in this arena. These tyres are designed to support heavy-duty tasks across diverse farming environments. The versatility of the Agriflex+ 372 range means a single tractor can seamlessly transition from heavy fieldwork to rapid road travel, thereby ensuring that farmers maximise their time and investment.

Dual Benefits of VF Technology

The integration of VF technology in these tyres allows for a 40% increase in load-carrying capacity compared to traditional radials. This capability enables farmers to reduce the number of trips required, conserving fuel and time – essential savings in today’s cost-sensitive agricultural climate. Alternatively, the VF tyres can operate at 40% lower inflation pressures, which significantly diminishes soil compaction. This preservation of soil health is crucial for sustaining high crop yields and protecting the agricultural landbase.

Enhanced Durability and Performance

The Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tyres are not just about load capacity and reduced pressure. They are also constructed with a steel belt, enhancing puncture resistance and extending the tyre's lifespan. This construction ensures a broad, even footprint, crucial for minimizing further soil compaction and improving field traction. Additionally, the tyres are made with a stubble-guard rubber compound, offering robust protection against harsh field residues.

Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

Y-ATG backs the quality of its products with a substantial 10-year warranty on workmanship and materials, underscoring the reliability and performance of the Agriflex+ 372 range. Moreover, the D-rated capability of these tyres allows for speeds up to 40 mph, making them as efficient on roads as they are in fields. The classic bar-lug tread pattern not only ensures readiness for fieldwork but also guarantees a smooth ride on roads, proving that these tyres are built to handle the dual demands of modern farming operations.

A Forward-Thinking Solution for Progressive Agriculture

The expanded Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tyre range by Yokohama-ATG is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its understanding of the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. By delivering enhanced productivity, environmental benefits, and extended durability, these tyres are set to become a favoured choice among farmers aiming to modernise their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

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