Yokohama-ATG Enhances Agricultural Efficiency with New Tire Sizes for the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 Series

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (Y-ATG) has recently announced the expansion of its product line, introducing 15 new sizes to its Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tyre series. This increase brings the total offering to 50 different sizes, tailored specifically for agricultural tractors and combines. Renowned for its superior performance, the Agriflex+ 372 is the only steel-belted Very High Flexion (VF) tyre available in the market, providing exceptional traction, roadability, and load capacity.

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May 14, 2024

The introduction of these new sizes ensures that more agricultural professionals can benefit from the tire's advanced features. Notably, the VF technology integrated into these tyres allows them to operate at lower pressures even under significant weight. This capability is crucial for reducing soil compaction, which in turn, promotes better soil health and higher crop yields.

Recent scientific research conducted in Denmark underscores the practical benefits of using VF technology. The study showed that fields fitted with VF tyres experienced significantly less soil compaction compared to those with conventional tyres. This resulted in higher yields, specifically demonstrating profit gains of between 21.8 and 32 EUR per hectare due to reduced tyre slippage and better traction.

Ole Baek, Vice President for North & West Europe at Y-ATG, emphasised the economic advantage provided by the Alliance Agriflex+ 372. "The Agriflex+ 372 is not only competitively priced but also offers exceptional value for money," stated Baek. "This makes it an unbeatable option for farmers looking to optimise their operational efficiency and profitability."

The tyre’s notable features include:

  • A unique steel-belted VF construction, allowing up to 40% more load carrying capacity at the same pressure compared to standard tractor radials.
  • Superior stubble protection, enhancing durability and extending the tire's lifespan.
  • A D-speed rating and a comprehensive 10-year warranty, underscoring the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

New sizes:
VF900/65R46, VF900/60R42, VF900/50R42, VF800/70R42, VF710/70R42CFO, VF650/60R42, VF710/55R38, VF680/80R38CFO, VF680/75R38CFO, VF500/85R34CFO, VF580/80R34CFO, VF680/85R32CFO, VF710/65R30CFO, VF620/70R30CFO, VF520/85R30CFO

With these enhancements, Y-ATG continues to lead the way in agricultural tire technology, providing solutions that meet the demanding needs of modern farming practices while also contributing to sustainable agriculture efforts.

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