YOHT Introduces Innovative AGRI STAR II 65 Series and Agriflex+ 373 Tires at AGRITECHNICA

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Launches New Additions to Its Alliance Brand, Revolutionising Agricultural Tyre Technology

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Yokohama Off-Highway Tires
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November 22, 2023

At this year's AGRITECHNICA, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) has unveiled the latest advancements in agricultural tyre technology under its Alliance brand. The company announced the launch of the new AGRI STAR II 65 series and the innovative Alliance Agriflex+ 373 tyre, both designed to enhance efficiency and performance in agricultural applications.

Expanding the AGRI STAR II Series with 65 Models

The AGRI STAR II 65 series, an expansion of the successful AGRI STAR II line, features 21 sizes and 25 SKU's, fully covering the range of front and rear tyre combinations for tractors. This series incorporates the unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), ensuring consistent traction and self-cleaning capabilities, even with advanced service life. Farmers and contractors are set to benefit from a balanced combination of grip, soil protection, efficiency, and quality.

Innovations in the AGRI STAR II 65 Series

The SLT in the AGRI STAR II series maintains consistent performance throughout the tyre's lifespan. Each lug comprises two layers with distinct profiles, offering continuous traction and roadability even after significant tread wear. This innovative design contributes to energy and fuel savings, positively impacting both operating costs and the environment.

Enhanced Stability and Comfort

Notable for its comfort and quiet driving experience, the AGRI STAR II series also boasts a higher rubber volume and special lug design, which enhances road stability and skid and break resistance. With a D-rated speed index, these tyres support speeds up to 65 km/ph.

The Alliance Agriflex+ 373: A Breakthrough in Agricultural Tyres

In a significant development, YOHT also introduced the Alliance Agriflex+ 373, a tyre that combines the best features for field and road use. This hybrid tyre integrates Stratified Layer Technology with VF (Very High Flexion) technology, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural applications.

Unique Features of the Agriflex+ 373

The Agriflex+ 373 features a specialised tread design for superior grip and a steel belt construction for durability. It's the only VF tyre in the market offering a hybrid design, ensuring optimal soil protection and yield efficiency. This tyre can carry 40% more load at standard pressure or operate at 40% lower pressure for standard loads, enhancing overall efficiency.

Targeting Specific Market Needs with the Alliance 373 VibroFarm

YOHT also showcased the Alliance 373 VibroFarm, a solution specifically designed for olive, pistachio, and grape harvesting. This tyre addresses the unique challenges in these applications, offering high stability and traction, especially on slopes and wet soils. Its hybrid tread profiles and steel belt construction contribute to a longer service life and reduced total cost of ownership.

With these launches, YOHT continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and market-specific tyre solutions, reinforcing its position as a leader in the agricultural tyre industry.

For more information on YOHT's latest products and their applications, visit https://yokohama-oht.com/

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