Vredestein Ultrac Pro: A New Benchmark in High-Performance Tyres, Claims Top Spot in Auto Bild Sportscars Test

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro has clinched a top position in the Auto Bild Sportscars high-performance summer tyre test.

The Ultrac Pro, praised for its exceptional grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions, received the prestigious "exemplary" seal from the leading German automotive magazine, setting a new benchmark in the tyre industry.

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March 15, 2024

The Significance of Auto Bild Sportscars Test

Auto Bild Sportscars test is renowned for its rigorous assessment criteria, making it a cornerstone for benchmarking performance in the automotive sector. This test provides an impartial, comprehensive analysis of tyre performance, encompassing aspects such as handling, safety, and comfort. The inclusion and success of the Vredestein Ultrac Pro in this test underline its exceptional quality and performance.

Vredestein Ultrac Pro's Performance in the Test

In a competitive showdown, the Vredestein Ultrac Pro stood out for its unparalleled safety and comfort, securing a commendable third place. It not only exemplified what it means to be a "balanced, comfort-oriented all-rounder" but also demonstrated superior aquaplaning resistance and dynamic driving behavior, marking its dominance in the high-performance tyre category.

Technological Innovation Behind Ultrac Pro

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro is a marvel of engineering, utilizing advanced materials and innovative design principles to achieve its high-performance metrics. This section delves into the technological backbone of the Ultrac Pro, revealing how Vredestein's forward-thinking approach to tyre development has led to significant improvements in safety and performance.

Wet and Dry Performance Excellence

The Ultrac Pro's excellence under varied conditions is a highlight of its design. This tyre demonstrates exceptional grip and traction on wet surfaces, thanks to its advanced tread pattern and rubber compound. In dry conditions, its performance is equally impressive, with excellent braking and handling characteristics. This balance of performance ensures drivers enjoy a safe, responsive driving experience in all weather conditions.

Comfort and Noise Reduction

One of the Ultrac Pro's standout features is its focus on comfort and noise reduction. Achieving remarkably low road noise levels, the tyre provides a more pleasant and quieter ride, distinguishing it from its competitors. This focus on the driver's comfort is a critical aspect of its design philosophy, reflecting Vredestein's commitment to producing tyres that enhance the driving experience.

Impact on the Ultra-High-Performance Tyre Segment

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro's introduction and subsequent recognition have set new standards in the ultra-high-performance tyre segment. This segment is known for its demanding performance criteria, where the Ultrac Pro's balance of sportiness and comfort has redefined what drivers can expect from their tyres. The tyre's success indicates a potential shift in market dynamics and consumer expectations, influencing future developments in tyre technology.

Customer and Expert Reviews

Feedback from customers and automotive experts has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the Ultrac Pro's exceptional performance and innovative features. This section compiles reviews and testimonials, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the tyre's real-world impact.

Comparison With Competitors

To contextualize the Ultrac Pro's performance, a detailed comparison with its key competitors is essential. This analysis highlights the tyre's strengths and areas of differentiation, offering readers a clear perspective on its position within the market.

Future of High-Performance Tyres

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro's success is a harbinger of the future direction of high-performance tyres. This concluding section explores the implications of the Ultrac Pro's achievements for the tyre industry and anticipates future trends in tyre technology and performance standards.

Vredestein Ultrac Pro

Dedicated to showcasing the Vredestein Ultrac Pro's features, benefits, and the technology behind its success, this section delves into what makes this tyre a revolutionary product in the high-performance segment.


What makes the Vredestein Ultrac Pro stand out in the Auto Bild Sportscars test?The Vredestein Ultrac Pro distinguished itself with exceptional grip and traction under both wet and dry conditions, earning the prestigious "exemplary" seal from Auto Bild Sportscars, making it a standout for its safety, comfort, and driving enjoyment.

How does the Vredestein Ultrac Pro perform under wet conditions?In wet conditions, the Ultrac Pro excelled, particularly in aquaplaning resistance, topping the charts with its balanced driving behaviour and high levels of lateral support at speed, which underscored its dominance in safety and performance metrics.

What are the key features that contributed to the Ultrac Pro's high ranking in the test?Key features include its exceptional aquaplaning resistance, superior handling dynamics, and braking efficiency in both wet and dry conditions. Its remarkably low road noise and dynamic comfort also contributed significantly to its high ranking.

Can you elaborate on the dry performance of the Vredestein Ultrac Pro?In dry conditions, the Ultrac Pro impressed with its braking and handling prowess, affirming its reliability and responsiveness. Its performance in dry conditions confirmed its top-tier status among high-performance tyres.

What does the "exemplary" seal from Auto Bild Sportscars indicate about the Ultrac Pro?The "exemplary" seal signifies the tyre's exceptional performance across various tests, including safety, comfort, and driving enjoyment. It denotes a high standard of quality and reliability recognized by a leading automotive magazine.

How does the Vredestein Ultrac Pro balance sportiness with comfort?The Ultrac Pro embodies a no-compromise approach between sportiness and comfort, as highlighted by Benoit Rivallant. It's designed to meet the exacting demands of drivers seeking both high performance and comfortable ride quality.

What significance does Benoit Rivallant, President of Apollo Tyre Europe, attribute to the Ultrac Pro's performance?Rivallant emphasizes the tyre's versatility and its potential to redefine expectations in the ultra-high-performance tyre segment. He regards the positive reception as a testament to the Ultrac Pro's innovative design and superior performance.

What impact does the Vredestein Ultrac Pro's success have on the tyre industry?The Ultrac Pro's success signals a paradigm shift in high-performance tyre design, setting a new benchmark for the industry. Its exemplary performance heralds a new era where compromise in tyre technology is a thing of the past.

When is the Vredestein Ultrac Pro expected to be available on the market?The tyre is expected to launch this spring, promising to meet the needs of drivers seeking top-tier performance and comfort.

How does the Ultrac Pro compare to its competitors in terms of road noise and driving enjoyment?The Ultrac Pro sets itself apart with remarkably low road noise, measured at just 70.5 Db, alongside its dynamic comfort and performance, further solidifying its competitive edge in driving enjoyment.

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