Volkswagen Continues Decades-Long Trust in Goodyear Tyres

Volkswagen has confirmed that a range of Goodyear tyres will be fitted as original equipment (OE) on the all-new Passat Variant. This collaboration highlights the trust and synergy between Volkswagen, known for its innovative and reliable vehicles, and Goodyear, a leader in tyre technology and performance.

The Passat Variant, set to launch in the first quarter of 2024, is the latest iteration of Volkswagen’s best-selling estate car. With more than 34 million units sold globally, the Passat ranks as Volkswagen's second top-selling model, trailing only the iconic Golf and surpassing the legendary Beetle in sales figures. The new model will feature a blend of cutting-edge plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid drives, along with five turbocharged petrol and diesel engine options, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences and environmental standards.

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February 29, 2024

For decades, Volkswagen has consistently chosen Goodyear tyres as the original equipment (OE) and homologated tyres for its wide range of vehicles. This partnership extends across various models, from the sleek and city-friendly Polo to the rugged and adventurous Touareg, highlighting a mutual commitment to quality, performance, and safety.

The bond between Volkswagen and Goodyear is built on a foundation of shared values and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Volkswagen's rigorous standards for quality and performance are met with Goodyear's innovative tyre technologies, ensuring that every vehicle is equipped with tyres that offer superior handling, durability, and safety features.

Goodyear's commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with Volkswagen's vision for mobility. From advanced tread designs to revolutionary materials, Goodyear tyres are designed to enhance driving experience, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This synergy between cutting-edge tyre technology and automotive engineering has set new benchmarks in the industry, offering drivers unparalleled confidence on the road.

“We are proud to be selected as one of the original equipment tyre providers for the all-new Volkswagen Passat Variant. This partnership underscores Volkswagen’s unwavering confidence in Goodyear’s tyre technology to complement their vehicles. We eagerly anticipate playing a role in delivering the exceptional driving experience that the Passat Variant promises to offer its discerning customers.”

Johannes Moll, Managing Director OE Consumer, Goodyear EMEA

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