VMI Introduces Advanced Smart Solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2024

At the recent Tyre Technology Expo 2024, VMI Group showcased its latest advancements in tyre manufacturing technology. The company presented its new range of smart solutions, including advanced camera-based vision systems, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and self-adjusting processes aimed at enhancing automation within tyre production. These technologies are expected to significantly improve efficiency, quality, and environmental sustainability in the industry.

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VMI Group
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March 22, 2024

Mike Norman, Chief Commercial Officer of VMI Group, highlighted the expo's role as a pivotal event for industry leaders, from Tier 1 manufacturers to specialised technology vendors. "Tyre Tech Expo is the industry’s leading annual exhibition," stated Norman. He pointed out that VMI, as a leading independent designer, builder, and supplier of tyre building equipment, finds the expo an ideal venue for interacting with industry peers, sharing ideas, and showcasing VMI’s technological innovations.

The integration of AI and machine learning (ML) with vision systems and smart software forms the core of VMI's new offerings. This integration aims to bring new levels of control, agility, and quality to the company's installed base of tyre building machines (TBMs). By optimising material usage and ensuring high-quality splices, these technologies are designed to increase productivity and the yield of original equipment (OE) quality tyres.

Additionally, VMI’s smart software introduces a "smart run empty" feature, designed to coordinate production runs with material input efficiently, reducing waste and facilitating quicker cassette changeovers for different tyre models. "As AI and other forms of smart software become more integrated into tyre production, we anticipate seeing significant improvements across various aspects of the manufacturing process," Norman mentioned.

Looking ahead, Norman discussed VMI's focus on further technological advancements, including the exploration of GenAI and single-cell options to enhance efficiency. The company aims to foster discussions on integrating new technologies and achieving a more seamless connection between different machines and processes within the factory, such as linking smart run empty (SRE) with automated materials handling.

The introduction of these smart solutions by VMI at the Tyre Technology Expo 2024 represents a step forward in the tyre manufacturing industry, aiming to improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and advance towards more sustainable manufacturing processes.

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