Vimexa Automotive Marks a Decade of Bridging Supply and Demand in the Tyre and Wheel Industry

In an era where the global economy faces unprecedented challenges, the story of Vimexa Automotive BV stands out as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Founded in January 2014 by Rutger Veerman, a visionary with over a decade of experience in the tyre industry, Vimexa has grown from a one-man operation into a global powerhouse, serving as a crucial intermediary between tyre, wheel, and battery companies. With a unique business model aimed at matching supply with demand across continents, the company celebrates over a decade of success and looks to a future filled with expansion and diversification.

Rutger Veerman, the architect behind Vimexa's success, embarked on this journey after leaving his role at Deldo, a major tyre distributor in Europe. His transition from working for Michelin to establishing Vimexa was fuelled by a desire to create a platform that not only meets but anticipates the needs of the industry. Despite the risks associated with leaving a secure position, Veerman's venture has proven to be a resounding success, with the company boasting revenues of around 75 million euros and establishing a strong presence in both the Netherlands and Finland.

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March 22, 2024

A Global Footprint and Diverse Portfolio

Today, Vimexa Automotive BV encompasses six companies with operations spanning over 25 countries. The firm has carved out a niche for itself by representing and distributing major tyre brands, as well as a selection of renowned names in the wheel market. Beyond distribution, Vimexa plays a vital role in providing confidential support for companies looking to adjust stock levels and restructure inventories, offering tailored purchase management solutions.

The recent acquisition of Helsinki-based tyre and wheel retailer Autotek signals Vimexa's expansion into new markets and services, underlining Veerman's commitment to growth and innovation. This move not only enhances Vimexa's product offerings but also strengthens its position in the Nordic region, bringing the company closer to its goal of serving a global customer base with diverse needs.

A Vision for the Future: Diversification and Dedication

Reflecting on the company's journey, Veerman shares, "The Vimexa journey has been very exciting with lots of positive learning. As a business owner, you can decide and develop your partners and friends in the market, which has and will be the core of the concept and success." With a focus on long-term relationships, Vimexa prides itself on retaining over 80 per cent of its suppliers and clients for many years, a testament to its reliability and quality of service.

Looking ahead, Veerman's vision for the next decade centres on diversification. Vimexa is branching out into both wholesale and retail markets while exploring niche categories such as retro tyres and wheels. This new venture caters to enthusiasts of classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods, offering specialized products like cross-ply, radial, whitewall, and white letter tyres for vehicles dating back to the 1900s.

As Vimexa Automotive BV embarks on its second decade, its story of growth, innovation, and dedication to service continues to inspire. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, the company is poised to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, further cementing its role as a key player in the global tyre and wheel industry.

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