VfL Osnabrück Announces Bohnenkamp AG and Sailun as New Official Tyre Partners

VfL Osnabrück, the promising second division football club, proudly announced a new collaboration with the esteemed Bohnenkamp AG and tyre manufacturing giant Sailun.

This monumental partnership beckons a new era of growth and development for all parties involved.

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Bohnenkamp AG | Stephan Cimbal, Director of Marketing at the Sailun Group, VfL Managing Director Dr. Michael Welling, and Henrik Schmudde, Marketing Director of Bohnenkamp AG (from left to right).
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August 10, 2023

Bohnenkamp AG, already recognised for its significant contributions to the community and having been part of VfL's extended partner pool for several years, is set to intensify its existing relationship with the club. Additionally, Sailun, through its flagship brand Maxam, is now the club's official tyre partner. With Sailun taking the lead as a premium partner, both Bohnenkamp and Maxam will act as the team partners, cementing a collaboration set to last for an initial three years.

Stephan Cimbal, Director of Marketing at the Sailun Group, expressed immense enthusiasm about this partnership. "VfL Osnabrück, as an upcoming second division team, aligns seamlessly with our developmental vision. We see a club that embodies strength, resilience, and exceptional performance, traits that we too, at Sailun and Maxam, hold in high regard," said Cimbal.

Henrik Schmudde, Bohnenkamp AG's Marketing Director, also emphasised the importance of local presence and engagement. As one of the city's most substantial employers and trainers, Bohnenkamp AG takes pride in showing its commitment to the community. Dr. Michael Welling, CEO of VfL Osnabrück, highlighted this shared value. "Our intent has always been to collaborate deeply with local players. That said, we are equally excited about forging bonds with international brands, like Sailun," Welling remarked.

While the specifics of the sponsorship remain under wraps, Dr. Welling hinted at the tantalising prospect of VfL professionals possibly utilizing Sailun tyres for their away games.

This partnership not only signifies an investment in sports but is also an emblem of community growth and global collaboration.

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