VARTA Training Academy Integrates E-learning into VARTA Partner Portal

The VARTA team is excited to announce the integration of a new suite of Battery E-Learning into the VARTA Partner Portal, complementing their traditional face-to-face training. These E-Learning courses are designed to enhance the digital knowledge portfolio, alongside their educational playlists on YouTube, technical articles in Battery World, Battery Finder, and various social media platforms.

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July 31, 2023

Knowledge Creates Success

The primary aim of VARTA is to ensure the best user experience for both online and offline training. Ulrich Germann, the Training & Technical Support Manager at the VARTA Training Academy, states, "Our E-Learning offerings are designed for anyone dealing with batteries in their daily business. Whether it's technicians, sales advisors, wholesalers, or retailers, our goal is to help them understand the new technologies and complexities of today's vehicles. By sharing our profound knowledge in a user-centric approach, we empower our customers to succeed in their daily business endeavors."Keeping Up with Modern Technology

With the introduction of start-stop systems, technology advancements in batteries began. These systems have evolved to encompass fuel-saving functions beyond simply switching off engines at traffic lights, with many features going unnoticed by drivers. To equip workshops for the future repair of such complex systems, VARTA continually updates its training modules to keep technicians well-prepared. Alongside general topics like "Warehousing and Storage" and "VARTA Brand and USPs," the training also delves into more technical aspects like "Vibration Resistance" and "Deep Cycling Capabilities."

Furthermore, as hybrid and electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent, the role of traditional 12V batteries has never been more critical. Additionally, advancements in EFB and AGM batteries for heavy commercial vehicles have made the technological landscape as complex as that of passenger cars, emphasizing the need for well-educated employees in the battery industry.

Expanding the Range

Building on their successful launch, VARTA is currently developing a new series on the topic of drivetrain electrification and the role of the 12V battery in electric vehicles. The VARTA E-Learning courses are now accessible within the VARTA Partner Portal, providing registered users with a complete offering of digital training:

1. Basic Battery Knowledge
2. Advanced Passenger Cars
3. Heavy Commercial Vehicles

To access these courses, users can simply log in and click the menu in the top left of the screen, granting them free and unlimited access to the VARTA E-Learning platform. The link to the portal is provided here: VARTA Partner Portal

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