Van den Ban to Showcase Comprehensive Tyre Range at The Tire Cologne 2024

Renowned tyre wholesaler Van den Ban (VDB) is set to exhibit an extensive selection of tyres at The Tire Cologne 2024 trade show, Hall 7, Stand C010.

This event will highlight VDB's commitment to providing a broad spectrum of tyre options, including summer, all-season, and winter varieties, showcasing their private labels and exclusive brands such as Novex, Hifly, Maxxis, Aplus, and Gripmax.

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The Tire Cologne 2024
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April 26, 2024

The upcoming trade show offers VDB a prime opportunity to reinforce relationships with international clients. A dedicated sales team will be present to engage with attendees, discuss recent industry trends, and address any queries regarding their products and services.

“This event is a crucial platform for us to connect with the market and share insights about our diverse and high-quality tyre offerings,” explained a spokesperson from VDB. “We are particularly excited to promote our private and exclusive brands, which have been tailored to meet the nuanced demands of modern consumers.”

In addition to showcasing traditional tyres, VDB will also display Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyres from manufacturers like Double Coin and Groundspeed, as well as two-wheeler tyres from various premium brands. The exhibit will also feature Monaco wheels, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), and spare part kits, highlighting VDB's comprehensive approach to the automotive market.

Throughout the year, VDB plans to expand their product lines with new sizes and patterns, reflecting their ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. The company's strategic operations from their central warehouse in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands, coupled with their local distribution hubs across Europe, underscore their logistical prowess and customer-centric approach.

Moreover, VDB offers 24-hour ordering capabilities through their sophisticated e-commerce platform and dedicated app, ensuring a seamless service experience for their clients. They also provide bespoke IT solutions and personalised marketing support, enhancing their partners' ability to compete in a dynamic market environment.


As The Tire Cologne 2024 approaches, VDB is poised to make a significant impact, demonstrating their role as a leader in the tyre distribution sector and their dedication to advancing automotive solutions across Europe.

Visit the Van den Ban stand C010 in Hall 7

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