US Investment Fuels Moveero's Ambitious Growth Plans

Moveero, a renowned name in the field of research, development, design, testing, and manufacturing of wheels, is set to bolster its presence in the US and Canada, backed by significant investment plans.

With a rich history spanning over five decades, Moveero has established itself as a leader in the wheel manufacturing industry. The company operates six manufacturing plants, two in Europe and four in the US, including its market-leading plants at Armstrong and Estherville in Iowa, and at Wichita. Additionally, Moveero boasts a state-of-the-art Research, Development, and Testing Center at Woodridge.

Approximately 18 months ago, Moveero underwent a significant transformation, adopting a new business name, mission, and vision, marking a new chapter in its evolution.

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October 24, 2023

Mike Wodtke, Regional Operations Director US for Moveero, shared insights into the company's strategic direction. "We are leveraging our experienced workforce, engineering expertise, and market-leading product range to venture into new territories, products, and technologies. The US and Canada present significant growth opportunities, and we are actively collaborating with our customers and supply chain partners to tap into these markets."

Currently, Moveero is in the process of installing a new, fully automated weld cell at its Estherville wheel plant. This addition will double the company's production capacity for large wheels, up to 50” diameter, catering to the agriculture sector.

Furthermore, Moveero has outlined additional investment plans for its US operations. These include upgrading its paint systems to fully automated powder application, starting with the Armstrong facility this year, followed by enhancements to the Estherville plant.

Wodtke added, "Our focus is also on developing new automated cells for our hubs and spindles manufacturing. This is part of our broader strategy to expand our operations both in the US and globally, building on our multi-million dollar investment in our UK manufacturing facility and R&D and test facilities in Italy."

With a legacy of manufacturing excellence, Moveero has been producing high-quality steel wheels for over 55 years, the last 25 of which have been under the Moveero group. The company prides itself on being engineering-driven and solutions-driven, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

"Our team in Woodridge spends a significant amount of time on 'blue sky' innovation, exploring new processes and products to enhance efficiency and performance. Our goal is to bring industry-changing products that deliver direct benefits to our customers," concluded Wodtke.

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