Tyrefair Ltd Supports Essential Docking of HMS Queen Elizabeth at Rosyth for Repairs

In a crucial two-day operation on the 18th and 19th of March 2024, Tyrefair Ltd, a renowned specialist in tyre services, has successfully completed essential works at Rosyth Dockyard, ensuring the safe docking of the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, for vital repairs.

This intervention comes after the aircraft carrier had to withdraw from a NATO exercise last month due to a propeller shaft issue, spotlighting the importance of routine maintenance and expert intervention in naval operations.

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Tyrefair Ltd
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March 27, 2024

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy's largest and most powerful warship, capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft on its four-acre flight deck, encountered the need for urgent repairs after routine checks unveiled problems with its propeller shaft. Weighing 65,000 tonnes, the ship's docking and repair were of paramount importance, necessitating specialised attention to the dockyard's infrastructure to accommodate such a massive vessel safely.

Tyrefair Ltd's operation involved meticulous work on the dockyard entrance fenders, including pressure adjustment and the replacement of tubes and flaps as required. Specifically, the team corrected the psi of the tyre fenders and replaced any necessary components on 20.00x20 multi-piece wheels, using 16 of these units to ensure the stability and safety of the docking process.

This intricate task was carried out by a dedicated team comprising safety boats, cherry pickers, cranes, and Tyrefair Ltd's All Tyre Specialist Team, showcasing a high level of coordination and expertise. The successful completion of these works not only underscores Tyrefair Ltd's capability in handling high-stakes operations but also highlights the collaborative spirit and technical proficiency required to support the Royal Navy's operational readiness.

Reflecting on the operation, a spokesperson from Tyrefair Ltd expressed pride in their contribution: "Ensuring the safe docking of HMS Queen Elizabeth was a task we approached with the utmost seriousness and commitment. Our team's ability to deliver under pressure reflects our dedication to excellence and our support for the Royal Navy's crucial role in national and international security.”

The works carried out by Tyrefair Ltd's will help ensure safe and successful docking to allow for the necessary repairs to proceed, ensuring that its flagship remains ready and capable for future missions.

This operation serves as a reminder of the intricate ecosystem supporting naval operations, where companies like Tyrefair Ltd play a critical role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the UK's maritime defence capabilities.

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