Trelleborg Unveils the Future of Sustainable Agriculture with the TM1 Eco Power Tyre

In a monumental stride towards sustainable agriculture, Trelleborg has unveiled its latest innovation, the TM1 Eco Power tyre.

This groundbreaking product is not only the company's most eco-friendly tyre to date but also sets a new benchmark for the entire industry.

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October 2, 2023

The TM1 Eco Power tyre is crafted with an impressive 65% sustainable materials, a blend of recycled and bio materials. This is a clear testament to Trelleborg's unwavering commitment to fostering a greener and more productive future in agriculture. The company's vision is clear: reduce reliance on fossil fuels, promote product circularity, and enhance operational performance for its customers.

Designed to cater to both traditional and the emerging electric tractors, the TM1 Eco Power tyre stands out with its ultra-low rolling resistance. This feature not only underscores the tyre's sustainability but also ensures extended battery life for vehicles and minimal energy consumption.

Alessio Bucci, the Product Marketing Senior Manager at Yokohama TWS, expressed his pride in the new product, stating, “Agriculture is in the midst of a significant transformation, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and productivity. Our TM1 Eco Power tyre is our response to this shift, offering advanced technology and performance, making it the most sustainable tyre choice in the market.”

For those eager to witness this innovation firsthand, Trelleborg will be showcasing the TM1 Eco Power tyre at the world-renowned Agritechnica Fair in Hanover, Germany, from 12th to 18th November 2023. The tyre will be displayed at Booth B04, Hall 20. Additionally, a dedicated press conference is scheduled for November 13th at 2 pm, where the tyre's innovative features will be elaborated upon.

But that's not all. Trelleborg's booth will also feature a team of experts ready to guide industry professionals on the best tyre solutions for agricultural applications. Visitors can expect insights on Trelleborg's other notable products, including the HF1000 implement tyre, TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyre, MPT100 tyre for multi-purpose Off-Road trucks, and the cutting-edge Adaptive Tyre Management System (ATMS). This smart farming solution offers real-time tyre data, ensuring optimal tractor performance.

Diving deeper into the TM1 Eco Power tyre's specifics, it has been meticulously designed in collaboration with OE partner Fendt for the e107 Vario, the latest in electric tractors. The tyre boasts innovative design features, such as self-cleaning properties, which ensure superior traction on hard soil and enhanced operator comfort. With a keen emphasis on performance and energy efficiency, the TM1 Eco Power tyre is set to revolutionise the way we perceive sustainability in agriculture.

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