Trelleborg Spearheads Agricultural Tyre Innovation at CIAME 2023

In a stride towards agricultural modernisation, Trelleborg Tyres, a leader in the specialty tyres sector, showcased an extensive range of radial tyres at the China International Agriculture Machinery Exhibition (CIAME 2023). Held in Hall B2, booth B224, this event marks a pivotal moment in China's agricultural machinery industry.

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December 11, 2023

Trelleborg Tyres, renowned for its tyre expertise, consistently anticipates and meets the evolving needs of its customers. By offering high-performance, ecosystem-friendly tyre solutions, the company continues to lead the charge in efficient farming practices. Collaborating closely with machinery manufacturers, Trelleborg Tyres is committed to developing new tyre solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency, whilst maintaining a keen focus on environmental sustainability.

At the exhibition, Trelleborg Tyres' experts provided tailored advice to industry professionals, showcasing their diverse range of tyre solutions suited for various agricultural applications. Key highlights included the TM3000 radial tyre for harvesting machinery, the TM900 High Power for high-power tractors, and the TM800 High Speed radial tyre, optimised for tractors. Additionally, the PneuTrac®, a hybrid solution blending the benefits of a radial agricultural tyre and a track, garnered attention for its exceptional performance on slopes and muddy terrains. PneuTrac® stands out for its superior flotation, traction, lateral stability, fuel efficiency, comfort, and handling.

Ms. Sandy Luo, Sales Director China of Yokohama TWS, emphasised the company's commitment to innovation and technological advancements. "Innovation is our eternal driving force," she stated, highlighting how Trelleborg Tyres' innovative solutions have significantly contributed to the Chinese market's growth and transformation in recent years. She noted that their commitment to sustainable performance, increased crop yields, and efficient business operations was evident at CIAME 2023, where the company showcased its focus on environmental sustainability through an immersive, naturalistic booth environment.

In early 2022, Trelleborg Tyres launched the marketing campaign "Trelleborg, a force of nature," underscoring the essence of their tyre solutions. This theme has been central to several events in China, aiming to strengthen communication with end-users and customers about the pivotal role of radial tyres in sustainable agricultural development.

CIAME 2023, Asia's largest and globally renowned agricultural machinery exhibition, spanned an area of 220,000 square meters. The event saw participation from over 2,200 enterprises and attracted more than 150,000 visitors. Signalling a full return to its former glory, the exhibition was abuzz with excitement and drew significant attention, demonstrating the robust growth and dynamic nature of the agricultural machinery sector.

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