Trelleborg HF1000 at Farm Progress Show 2023

The 70th Farm Progress Show, held from August 29-31, 2023, in Decatur, Illinois, witnessed a grand showcase of agricultural innovations, with over 600 international exhibitors and an expected turnout of over 200,000 visitors from more than 30 countries. Among the standout participants was Trelleborg, a global leader in tyre solutions for agriculture, which not only marked its attendance but also premiered its groundbreaking HF1000 tyre.

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September 14, 2023

The Farm Progress Show, a much-anticipated annual event, is a platform where agricultural enthusiasts, farmers, and industry leaders gather to witness the latest trends, technologies, and innovations. This year, Trelleborg's booth #1062 became a focal point for many, as it unveiled the HF1000, a tyre designed for high performance, durability, and to maximise crop production.

The HF1000, touted as the next-generation transport tyre, is specially crafted for increasing load capacity on large forage wagons and slurry tankers. Its VF casing and steel-belted structure promise long-lasting durability and superior performance, both in the field and on the road. Even under maximum stress, the HF1000's innovative tread pattern delivers an impressive 12.5% wider footprint compared to its premium competitors. This ensures efficient load distribution and utmost respect for the soil. Additionally, its self-cleaning feature in wet off-road conditions results in up to 40% more drivability, stability, and overall tyre performance.

But the HF1000 wasn't the only highlight at Trelleborg's booth. Visitors were treated to a live broadcast by Mike Pearson, the renowned host of the _Agriculture of America_ radio show. Pearson shared insights on the latest US farm market trends and farming innovations, adding an informative and entertaining touch to the event.

Chris Neidert, North American Training and Development Manager at Yokohama TWS, expressed his enthusiasm, "We're thrilled to introduce the HF1000 to North American farmers and showcase our ProgressiveTraction® technology. Trelleborg continues to lead the way in efficient farming, working closely with machinery manufacturers to design and develop new tyre solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and are environmentally conscious."

Apart from the HF1000, Trelleborg also showcased other innovative tyre solutions, including the TM3000 for harvesters, combine machines, and spreaders, and the TM600 with ProgressiveTraction® technology for tractors.

For those who missed the event or wish to learn more about Trelleborg's agricultural tyre solutions, they can visit Trelleborg's official website.

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