Trelleborg Graces Expoforest 2023 with Forestry tyre Innovations

Trelleborg, has announced its participation at the awaited Expoforest 2023. From August 9-11, the lush greens of Guatapará, Brazil, will witness Trelleborg unveiling its latest forestry tyre marvels.

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August 7, 2023

About Trelleborg

Trelleborg is not just another name in the tyre world. With a long-standing history of crafting specialty tyres, they've etched their mark as a true industry leader. Their tyres aren't just products; they're solutions. And come Expoforest, they're showcasing their commitment to agroforestry professionals by revealing their full line-up. Intrigued yet?

Event Highlights

The heartbeat of Trelleborg's showcase is undeniably Booth #F15. Here, experts will roll out the red carpet for their T418 High Power tyre, T410 Agroforest, and the robust Twin Forestry 480 range. Designed for the rugged terrains that forestry professionals often brave, these tyres promise efficiency, durability, and performance.

Expert Opinions

Ever wonder what drives a brand like Trelleborg to continually innovate? Marcelo Natalini, the visionary President South America at Yokohama TWS, gives us a sneak peek. Praising the superior performance of Trelleborg tyres both on the road and in the field, he highlights their ability to support diverse machinery types. Their tyre designs aren't just advanced; they're evolutionary. And with the forestry terrain challenges in mind, these tyres are set to redefine productivity and comfort for loggers globally.

In-depth tyre Features

Take the T418 High Power tyre, for instance. Designed meticulously for log skidding, it promises unparalleled resistance against cuts and tears. With armored plies and a fortified steel belt, it's the tyre's answer to boulders, rocks, and stumps. It's not just about durability; it's about extended tyre life even in the harshest conditions.

Why Forestry Professionals Should Consider Trelleborg

Eucalyptus. Paper. Pulp. Charcoal. These aren't just forestry sectors. They represent some of the most challenging terrains professionals encounter. And Trelleborg tyres? They're the perfect companion to navigate these challenges with enhanced productivity, efficiency, and much-needed comfort.

Forestry's Major Challenges. These industries' terrains can be unpredictable and demanding. So, why not have a tyre that's up for the challenge?

Special Talk Sessions. Knowledge is power. And at Booth #F15, Trelleborg ensures it's shared generously. With dedicated talk sessions involving tyre experts and forestry specialists, attendees can glean insights into maximising tyre performance and ensuring their longevity.

Detailed Look into T418 High Power tyre. With options in 35.5L-32TL (30 ply rating) and 30.5L-32TL (32 ply rating), the T418 doesn't just boast of top-tier features but offers variety too.

Trelleborg T418 High Power tyre.

As Expoforest 2023 beckons, Trelleborg's commitment to enhancing forestry operations shines brighter than ever. From cutting-edge tyre solutions to sharing industry knowledge, their presence promises to be a game-changer.


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