Toyo Tires Appoints Hiroaki Takizawa as New EMEA Sales Head

Toyo Tire Corporation has appointed of Hiroaki Takizawa as General Manager of its Europe, Africa & Middle East Sales Department and Sales Division. This decision comes into effect on 1 September, marking a new chapter for the tyre giant in the EMEA region.

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Toyo Tires
Published on
August 25, 2023

Takizawa's appointment is a testament to Toyo Tires' commitment to strengthening its foothold in the EMEA markets. With a rich history of leadership and expertise in the tyre industry, Hiroaki Takizawa is expected to bring a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to the table.

Hiroaki Takizawa | Image: Wikidata

Stepping into the shoes of the esteemed Masaomi Kono, Takizawa has some significant milestones to achieve. Kono's tenure was marked by strategic decisions that cemented Toyo Tires' stature as a frontrunner in the EMEA tyre industry. With the baton now passed to Takizawa, stakeholders and industry experts are keenly observing the trajectory he will chart for the brand.

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