The Future of Tyre Shopping: International Tyres' Cutting-Edge Solutions

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International Tyres
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October 20, 2023

On Thursday, 12th October, International Tyres proudly held its first-ever Local Customer Day, a landmark event dedicated to strengthening community ties and showcasing the company's commitment to its valued clientele.

Phil Thirsk from Leading Edge, delivered an insightful talk on Wheel Safety as representatives from Rima TipTop and Checkpoint were also in attendance, contributing to a day filled with valuable conversations and learning experiences.

International Tyres, a business founded in 1990, has always prided itself on its unwavering support and commitment to its customers. In today's ultra-competitive environment, the company is doubling down on those fundamentals, developing innovative partnerships and solutions that add significant value to customer relationships.

Local Collection Model

One such innovative solution is the Local Collection Model, which operates from 6 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 8.30 am to 11 am on Saturdays.

This service is designed to maximise vehicle uptime and align with fleet policies within a 100-mile radius of the company's premises in Rowley Regis. With a staggering 50,000 tyres in stock, encompassing 1,200 unique products, International Tyres is well-equipped to meet the needs of tyre dealers and their customers.

Customers can easily place orders through the company's mobile app, online shop, or by contacting the sales team at 0121 552 6888 or

This level of accessibility, combined with the company's extensive product range, makes International Tyres the go-to solution for all tyre needs.

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