The Carlstar Group Announces Strategic Brand Evolution for Enhanced Coherence and Market Positioning

The Carlstar Group is thrilled to introduce a new brand direction aimed at positioning the company for continued success and growth in the future.

In the coming years, the company will be transitioning its products from the Carlisle brand to the Carlstar brand, aligning the primary brand name with the company's design, manufacturing, sales, and support services. This strategic decision ensures coherence both internally and externally, while also providing an opportunity to promote a brand exclusively dedicated to the Specialty Tire and Wheel sector.

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The Carlstar Group
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July 5, 2023
"While the impetus for our brand evolution was company strategy, what our customers and partners should know is that the execution of this transition was planned with their considerations taking primacy. 'Carlisle branded tires are now Carlstar' is our principal message regarding this change. The letters on the sidewall will change but everything else stays the same. The people, facilities, processes, premier product quality and dependability, and our entire value proposition that has made us the preferred destination for specialty tires and wheels over the last 100 years will remain the same."
Jacob Thomas CEO - The Carlstar Group

To ensure a seamless implementation of this brand transition, The Carlstar Group has carefully prepared a two-pronged approach. Marketing materials will undergo a gradual transition, gradually introducing the slogan "Carlisle branded tires are now Carlstar" to provide a consistent experience. The transition of tire sidewalls, on the other hand, will be phased in timing but carried out in a single step, prioritising high-volume SKUs and taking customer considerations into account.

The Carlstar Group has full confidence that this brand evolution will reinforce its position as a leading manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels and establish a solid foundation for a promising future marked by innovation and expansion.

**About The Carlstar Group**

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, The Carlstar Group is a global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket tires and wheels for various markets, including outdoor power equipment, powersports, specialty trailers, agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors. The company's portfolio includes several renowned brands such as Carlisle, Carlstar, ITP, Cragar, Black Rock, Unique, and Marastar products. With 15 facilities in four countries, The Carlstar Group employs 3,400 associates.

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