T Grange & Son's Claas Scorpion Exceeds 7,000 Hours with MICHELIN XMCL Tyres

T Grange & Son's Claas Scorpion telehandler, a staple in its agricultural operations, has been operating on the same original Michelin's XMCL 460/70 R24 fitments since its purchase in 2011.

Now, after nearly 13 years and over 7,000 hours of rigorous use, the tyres still exhibit remarkable performance and durability.

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MICHELIN | T Grange & Son has recorded extraordinary longevity from the MICHELIN XMCL tyres working on its Claas Scorpion telehandler.
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January 24, 2024

A Testament to Quality

Brian Grange, the owner of T Grange & Son, expressed his satisfaction with the Michelin tyres, stating, "It's fair to say the Michelin tyres have passed the test of time!" He noted the minimal maintenance the tyres have required, with only one puncture repair needed throughout their extensive service life. "Michelin certainly know how to build a quality tyre. The performance is great, and they are as tough as they come," Grange added.

The XMCL Advantage

Michelin's XMCL tyres, part of the Compact Line range, are specially designed for backhoe loaders and telehandlers like the Claas Scorpion. They feature a robust rubber compound for exceptional wear resistance, reinforced sidewalls, and steel-braced treads. These characteristics enhance puncture resistance, handling, traction, operational stability, and provide a smoother ride for the operator.

Essential for Agricultural Tasks

The Claas Scorpion at T Grange & Son is primarily used for loading grain onto trucks, operating mostly on concrete surfaces with a 1.5-tonne bucket. "Occasionally it will go into the fields, but the vast majority of its work is moving our grain onto the trailers, and moving straw and hay bales," Grange explained. The performance of the Michelin's XMCL tyres has been crucial in supporting these vital agricultural activities.

Used mainly to load grain onto trucks, the Claas Scorpion has clocked up more than 7,000 hours on the durable tyres.

Legacy of Reliability

T Grange & Son, which manages 260 hectares of land at Hasling Hall Farm in Otley, relies on Michelin tyres across its fleet. The farm produces hay, milled barley, and other grains. The long-standing use of Michelin tyres across various vehicles in their fleet underscores the brand's reputation for durability and longevity in challenging farm conditions.

This significant milestone showcases the endurance of Michelin's XMCL tyres and underscores the importance of reliable equipment in the demanding field of agriculture.

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