Stone Tyres Drives Sales and Safety with TreadReader DriveOver Technology

St Helens-based car tyre and wheel alignment specialist, Stone Tyres, is making waves in the industry with its adoption of the cutting-edge TreadReader DriveOver tyre measurement system. The company claims this move not only boosts sales but also ensures maximum safety and value for its customers.

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TreadReader | Stone Tyres Director John Stone.
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February 22, 2024

In the heart of Merseyside, Stone Tyres has become synonymous with top-tier service, offering a comprehensive selection of budget, mid-range, and premium tyres for cars, 4x4s, and vans up to 3.5 tonnes. What sets them apart is their responsive service and a unique proposition in the St Helens area - free lifetime tyre repair on every tyre fitted, irrespective of the budget, mid-range, or premium category.

Director John Stone emphasises, “With such a high throughput of vehicles, we decided to invest in the TreadReader DriveOver to reduce manual input and increase tyre measurement accuracy. We were the first independent tyre supplier in Europe to fit the system, and over the last five years, its efficiency has made it seem like an extra member of staff. Indeed, the system has more than paid for itself with an ROI of around 3 years!”

The DriveOver system not only ensures 100% accuracy in providing a comprehensive report for each tyre but also identifies wheel misalignments, enabling Stone Tyres to offer an alignment service – a boon for driver safety and an additional commercial benefit.

John Stone elaborates, “The DriveOver measures each tyre tread depth across its full width as the vehicle passes over the ramp. A pressure switch automatically triggers the sensors, and a laser system captures the tyre data. This is then transferred to the TreadReader management system and displayed in a 3D render of the actual tyre tread, complete with automated comments on tyre condition and a simple tread depth summary using red, green, and amber colours to discuss with customers.”

He adds, “Accurate and easily readable information is presented to the customer to provide full transparency and reassurance regarding recommended tyre work or replacement. Plus, the graphic readouts inform us and the customer when a wheel needs balancing or a vehicle requires aligning.”

“The TreadReader system includes automated air-powered shutters and cleaning features that protect the unit from debris and leaves, meaning that physical maintenance by our team is minimal.”

According to TreadReader, each 3D scan employs up to 400,000 measurement points with accuracy to within 0.2mm. By scanning the full width of the tyre and 50-60mm around it, the system achieves a level of accuracy and consistency far greater than conventional analogue and digital gauges, or competitor systems which only take a single-line scan.

Stone Tyres stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative technology in the automotive industry, ensuring both customer satisfaction and business success. As the pioneer in adopting TreadReader DriveOver in Europe, their journey showcases the potential of technological advancements in redefining industry standards.


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