Southern Cranes & Access Elevates Safety and Efficiency with Innovative Wheely-Safe Technology

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Garnett Keeler PR | Southern Cranes & Access has protected its mobile crane fleet with Wheely-Safe technology.
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November 9, 2023

Southern Cranes & Access has reported a significant enhancement in operational safety and a reduction in tyre-related downtime after the adoption of Wheely-Safe's cutting-edge tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) across its extensive fleet.

The West Sussex-based firm, renowned for its substantial fleet of mobile cranes, has integrated the intelligent TPMS into 40 of its vehicles, providing continuous surveillance of the tyres' condition. This technology is particularly crucial given the hefty loads these cranes transport, with each tyre valued at approximately £1,200.

Kelvin Prince, Director of Southern Cranes & Access, emphasised the importance of the technology, stating, "Our tyres are under immense strain, supporting six-axle machines. It's imperative that we maintain them to the highest standard. The Wheely-Safe system is the perfect solution for us. We’ve seen a big reduction in tyre failures across the fleet since we installed the technology and, most importantly of all, it improves the safety of our operation."

The potential danger of a tyre blowout on such massive cranes cannot be overstated, with the risk of severe damage being a constant concern. The Wheely-Safe technology serves as a critical preventative measure, ensuring such incidents are avoided.

Southern Cranes & Access has opted for Wheely-Safe's external TPMS sensors, which are designed to replace the valve cap and automatically sync with an in-cab solar receiver. This system is particularly well-suited for larger vehicles, capable of handling inflation pressures up to 188 psi.

In addition to the TPMS, crane operators at Southern Cranes & Access are leveraging Wheely-Safe's Pressure and Brake Temperature Checkers, along with WalkAround Checkers, as part of their daily vehicle inspections.

Prince praised the system's simplicity and effectiveness, noting, “The system works very well and is really easy to use. There’s no loss of air when the guys are checking the pressures in the morning, a simple tap on the sensor tells them the tyres are running at the pressures they should be. It makes life a lot easier before they head out onto the road.”

Established in July 1997, Southern Cranes & Access is a family-owned enterprise that boasts one of the most diverse and extensive collections of access machinery and cranes in the South East. With this latest technological upgrade, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to safety and innovation in the heavy-lifting sector.

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