Sneak peek of ENSO’s all season EV tyre for commercial electric vans

Enso Tyres, a pioneering name in the tyre technology industry, has recently given the world a sneak peek into their latest innovation: an all-season electric van tyre.

This new addition to their product line is in line with the company's commitment to producing better tyres for electric vehicles, aiming to enhance EV range and curtail tyre pollution.

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Manufactured at the renowned Iris Tyres factory in Algeria, this electric van tyre carries the hallmark of quality and precision that both Enso and Iris Tyres are known for. A closer look at the tyre's sidewall reveals the 033 DOT code, a distinct identifier associated with the Setif, Algeria-based tyremaker, Iris.

Why Enso Tyres?

Enso Tyres isn't just another name in the tyre industry. They stand out with their focus on reducing tyre pollution. Every tyre, regardless of its make, undergoes wear and tear, releasing countless tiny particles into the atmosphere. These particles contribute significantly to air pollution. In fact, tyres are responsible for emitting 6 million tons of pollution annually, with tyre dust accounting for a staggering 28% of primary microplastics in our oceans.

The company's dedication to producing efficient tyres for electric vehicles is evident in their offerings. Their tyres not only promise more EV range but also emphasize safety and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Enso Tyres has the unique distinction of being the only Certified B-Corporation in the tyre industry, underscoring their commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Looking Ahead

As the world shifts towards electric vehicles, the demand for efficient and environmentally-friendly tyres will only grow. Enso Tyres, with its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, is poised to lead this change. Their new electric van tyre is not just a product; it's a statement of their vision for a greener future.

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