Selecting the Right Agricultural Tyres: BKT's Comprehensive Guide for Optimal Farm Performance

BKT have released a comprehensive guide which explores the optimal tyres for various agricultural terrains, assisting in making informed decisions for farm tasks.

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January 11, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, the choice of tyres plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The tread type and design are critical factors that significantly impact tyre performance on specific terrains. This guide provides valuable insights into the various types of tyres tailored for distinct agricultural tasks, facilitating optimal farm machinery operation.

Understanding Agriculture Tyres

Agriculture tyres are indispensable for farmers and contractors, specially engineered to tackle diverse field conditions. These robust and large tyres boast deep treads, providing superior traction and strength during various operations. Designed to minimize soil compaction, these tyres not only enhance crop yield but also contribute to overall farm productivity.

Featured Products for Diverse Agricultural Tasks


Engineered for high-power tractors, this tyre utilises VF technology to carry heavy loads at lower inflation pressures. With self-cleaning properties and reduced soil compaction, it proves ideal for soil tillage, ensuring efficiency in high-maintenance tasks.


Offering excellent on-road performance, this tyre ensures comfort, fuel savings, and suitability for daily soil tasks and vineyard harvesting (depending on tyre size). Its versatility guarantees optimal performance across various farm terrains.

Specialised Tyres for Specific Terrains

Turf Tyres

Designed to prevent soil compaction and turf damage, these tyres feature rounded shoulders and specific tread designs. Ideal for delicate surfaces, such as golf courses or lawn and garden applications, these tyres ensure aesthetics and functionality.

ATV Tyres

Tailored for all-terrain vehicles, exemplified by the AT 171, these tyres are indispensable for muddy terrains. With deep treads and directional designs, they offer unparalleled traction on slippery surfaces, ensuring safety and performance.

Importance of Tyres in Agricultural Operations

Tyres play a pivotal role in farm machinery, impacting safety, performance, and efficiency. The various tread types significantly enhance traction, ensuring safety in extreme weather conditions. Choosing the right tyre optimises traction, handling, and overall comfort during agricultural tasks.

For a comprehensive range of agricultural tyres catering to every terrain imaginable, explore the diverse offerings at BKT Tyres website:

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