Sailun Embarks on a European Roadshow Ahead of Tire Cologne 2024

In the lead-up to the Tire Cologne, a premier international trade fair scheduled for 4 to 6 June 2024 in Cologne, the Sailun Group is setting the stage for a significant showcase of its latest tyre innovations. Recognised globally among the top twelve tyre manufacturers, Sailun is intensifying its efforts to strengthen its market position, particularly in the arena of tyres designed for electric, hybrid, and traditional vehicles.

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April 30, 2024

This year, the company has announced the 'Road To Cologne 2024' tour—a pioneering initiative that will see Sailun Europe journey through six key European markets including Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, and the UK. The tour is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of their newest tyre models equipped with EcoPoint3 technology, directly to the European dealer network.

Stephan Cimbal, Marketing Director of Sailun Europe, stated at the launch of the tour, "This is a special, compact but no less demanding tour with many stops and stopovers at dealers in our important European core markets. We are particularly keen to offer our local partners the opportunity to not only get an idea of the latest range of tyres and their specific characteristics on site in the markets, but also to enter into a direct dialogue with them and making them an integral part of our story."

The roadshow will also highlight local culture, featuring visits to country-specific sights and local specialities. These experiences, alongside stories from the road, will be shared across social media and local market content, culminating in a vibrant presentation at the Tire Cologne show.

The highlight of the tour will be a dramatic entrance at the fair, with one of the cars from the tour driving directly onto the stage, symbolising the forward momentum and innovative spirit of the Sailun Group.

During the Tire Cologne 2024, Sailun is set to unveil up to 20 new models of PCR (Passenger Car Radial), TBR (Truck and Bus Radial), and specialty tyres. These introductions include a fresh approach and new developments specifically tailored for electric vehicles and hybrids—marking a first in Europe.

"We always compete with a clear premium claim in all areas and thus guarantee the right performance in all weather and road conditions in addition to safety, control, and energy efficiency," Cimbal emphasised. "It is important for us to make it clear that behind every new SAILUN tyre there is always an inspiring story that tells of how our belief in innovation helps to turn visions into reality."

Sailun's commitment to innovation and their proactive engagement with partners and consumers across Europe exemplifies their mission to not just make great tyres, but to lead the way in tyre technology and performance, reshaping industry standards and consumer expectations alike.

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