SAILUN Becomes Official Supplier to FIA

The tyre manufacturer embarks on a multi-series partnership, promising advancements in technology from the racetrack to everyday roads.

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April 15, 2024

In a strategic move set to redefine its market presence, Sailun has announced its debut as the official tyre supplier for various racing series under the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) starting in the 2024 motorsport season. This landmark decision not only elevates the brand on a global stage but also aligns it with the pinnacle of racing innovation.

Stephan Cimbal, Marketing Director of Sailun Europe, highlighted the dual benefit of the motorsport involvement, noting, "Racing series offer us ideal platforms and also serve as laboratories on wheels. The broad-based commitment to racing ensures that we can also drive forward future innovations in the areas of safety, performance and sustainability." This approach underscores a commitment to pushing technological boundaries while enhancing the practical application of these advancements in consumer products.

Sailun will supply racing tyres to various international professional events, including the FIA F4 Chinese Championship, the TCR Asia International Series, the China Touring Car Championship (CTCC), and the Superrace Championship held in South Korea. The choice of these series represents a strategic approach to not only test and improve tyre technology under rigorous conditions but also to boost the brand's visibility in significant markets.

The philosophy of transferring insights from the racetrack to everyday road use is not new in the automotive industry. However, Sailun’s initiative to harness this strategy, "From racetrack to road", is set to set them apart, as emphasized by the recent technological strides in their racing tyres. These advancements have been attributed to the company's increased production capacities and a dedicated focus on innovative tyre technology.

Looking ahead, Sailun aims to further cement its position by translating the expertise gained in motorsport into the development of car tyres for everyday use. This will not only enhance product offerings but also serve as a testament to the brand's engineering prowess and commitment to quality.

Moreover, Sailun's engagement in these high-profile racing series is poised to significantly boost its brand awareness and open new avenues in both European and global markets. This strategic expansion into motorsport demonstrates Sailun's ambition to not only lead in innovation but also to capture the attention of a broader audience, thus setting the stage for a new era in tyre manufacturing and performance.

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